Study Strategies

Study Skills are the skills that you need to develop in order to study and learn effectively. In time you will develop your own personal study plan to suit the way you learn. Exploration of learning styles and study tips will help you to create that plan. 

By attending the Skills Centre Study Skills session, you will begin to understand what being a learner in university means. It will introduce strategies that will help you transition to, and progress through university life.

The Study Skills session will introduce you to some time management principles and strategies, help you to identify your learning style and manage your workload effectively. By improving your organisational capability and employing strategies that suit you, you will improve your study techniques. You will strive to be an engaged learner, allowing you to make the most of this self-directed learning environment. 

Is this session not on the skills sessions timetable? Would you or a group be interested in attending this session, but the Skills Centre is currently not offering it? Let us know! We would be happy to know what session students look forward to the most, so the Skills Centre can cater to all of your academic needs, simply email us about the sessions you or a group would like to attend.

Check out our downloadable handouts on study strategies!

These downloadable handouts cover important guidelines for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. These resources are based on common questions about academic writing, general skills and research, exam preparation and specific assignments within your course. When availing of these resources, they will help you unlock YOUR Potential!

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