Postgraduate Workshops

Write Here, Write Now: Writing Space for Postgrad's & Staff

It can often be hard to focus when writing, and so the Skills Centre have reunited to bring you a dedicated 2-hour writing space. These sessions will give you the chance to write in a room with like-minded people and begin to form a writing habit at a scheduled time every week, and alleviate some of the isolation felt when trying to write. The Write Here, write now sessions offer not only accountability but also motivation and community to help students enjoy their academic work, together with ample opportunities for students to meet their peers.

Over the Summer period, we have protected writing space will take place in the virtual realm. Please join this Teams space from 10 am to 12 noon every Monday, with other UCC staff members and PhD students for this informal writing session and prioritise your writing today. Click the button below to enter this session through our timetable.

Research Dissemination 101

Do you want to diversify your portfolio of literacy skills, distinguishing yourself in the academic community? Look no further. Our workshop series, Research Dissemination 101, introduces students to transferable writing and literacy skills. Specifically, we look at translating academic writing for non-specialist audiences, the publication process, writing abstracts, and applying feedback to your work.

These sessions are not specific to UCC's specific guidelines and should be applicable in virtually any environment. Our core objective is to introduce students to the publication process and research dissemination from a student perspective. By doing this we provide our first-hand experience of ‘learning the ropes’ and pass down the nuggets of advice we have accrued over time. These sessions may serve to complement existing knowledge being passed down by supervisors or serve to open a world of possibilities by informing you of the multiple uses you can potentially get out of your high-quality research. Here at UCC, we strive to elevate every student’s capability and aspire to give students every chance at success. So, you can pop down to the Skills Centre and avail of these sessions through our timetable. 

Skills Centre

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