Gimme 2 Minutes

UCC Skills Centre presents Gimme Two Minutes

An educational video series hosted by the Skills Centre

Skills Centre presents Gimme Two Minutes

The Skills Centre Gimme 2 minutes series is designed with you in mind. It is trying to make sure that you have access to materials that will help you engage with your field of study in every way. The series is broken into different sections so that you will be able to find what you need easily and  begin to unlock your potential.

Study skills for university can be challenging. Some of us begin to really look at how we study for the first time. We have to examine what works for us and not just follow the crowd. 

University College Cork fosters a shared ambition underpinned by independent thinking that allows you to truly come to the fore and excel. To do some of us need to sharpen some of our skills. Often these skills are needed as you transition into university life and as you progress through your degree the area of academic communication may need to be honed. These skills include academic writing, critical thinking and presentation skills. 

In the Gimme 2 minutes series you will find lots of material for you to work with to begin to understand what is needed to be a successful third level student.