Wireless Technical Specification

Wi-Fi Configuration - Technical Details

These are the exact details are needed to connect to the UCC wireless network.

Network Name (SSID) eduroam
Username Your student_number@eduroam.ucc.ie
Password Your Student IT account password
Authentication Type WPA2 Enterprise with AES Encryption
Security Key/Passpharese Not Applicable
Certificate address eduroam.ucc.ie
Proxy Auto Config(PAC)

No proxy settings required

IP Address Automatically assigned by DHCP

Important Information

After entering your credentials correctly, they should remain cached, and should not need to be re-entered for subsequent connections. However, be sure to remember your username and password should they become necessary in the future! You can get your password reset at the IT Helpdesk for Students with your Student ID card.

Ports available

When using the wireless as well as web browsing, you will also be able to use SSH, POP, IMAP and most VPN clients. A more detailed list is shown below.

  • Domain Name Service: UDP/53 egress only; TCP/53 egress only
  • IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: IP protocol 41 ingress and egress Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP: TCP/10000 egress only
  • IMAP3: TCP/220 egress only
  • Passive (S)FTP: TCP/21 egress only
  • RDP: TCP/3389 egress only
  • TCP Ports : http: 80, https: 443, proxy: 8080/3128, SSH: 22, IMAP: 143, IMAPS: 993, POP: 110, POPS: 995, SMTP: 465/587
  • PPTP : tcp port: 1723, ip protocol: 47
  • L2TP : udp port: 500/1701/4500, ip protocol: 51
  • OpenVPN : udp port: 1194, tcp port: 1194

Student IT Services

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