Stay Organised

  • Improve Work-Life Balance
    Improve work-life balance with Teams quiet time
    It is important to set personal boundaries and optimize your work and study hours in the way that works best for you. On Teams mobile, you can set “Quiet Hours” and “Quiet Days”. This feature helps you take control over your free time and can help relieve stress.
  • Manage your Notifications
    Microsoft Teams offers different ways to access, receive, and manage notifications. These settings include how, when, and where your notifications appear, custom settings for channels and chat, appearance and sounds, turning off specific messages, and more. Learn more about managing notifications on Teams.
  • Google Calendar Add-On
    Schedule and join Microsoft Teams meetings directly from your Google calendar. Please see here for further instructions: Teams Add-On

Make the Most of your Lectures

  • Training Help 
    Did you know there is a whole suite of useful short training videos included in Microsoft Teams Help?
    • Open the Teams app
    • On the bottom left of the screen click on Help
    • Then click on Training

    Videos include; Getting Started, Working Together, Collaborate in Teams & Channels, Teams for Education, Assignments & Grades, Chats, Calls & Meetings, Uploading & Finding Files and so much more.

  • Background Noise Suppression
    When your mic is on in a Teams meeting, background noise around you can distract others. There are 3 levels of noise suppression available with MS Teams. Learn more about noise suppression.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts 
    Keyboard shortcuts can be a handy alternative to using the mouse, especially for users with mobility or vision difficulties. Some of these include mute (Ctrl+Shift+M) and create a new line in a Teams Chat (Shift+Enter)View all Teams keyboard shortcuts.
  • Annotate on Teams
    Learn about annotating a PowerPoint on Teams. When presenting a PowerPoint through Teams, annotation allows the presenter to:
    • use a virtual laser pointer and make ink annotations
    • better express or add content and engage more with their audience by drawing attention to certain sections within the PowerPoint presentation
  • Run a Test Call
    Not sure if your mic is clear? Check your call quality by running a test call
  • Adjust your view:
    You can adjust your view in teams meeting by pinning a participant or adjust all participants view by using spotlight:
    Click  Participants button on your Teams control panel
    Click on … to the right of the participant you wish to Pin.  This will pin this persons video in your teams view.
    Alternatively you can use Spotlight. Spotlighting a video is like pinning it for everyone in the meeting.
  • Sound when Sharing Content
    If you're playing a video or audio clip as part of a presentation in a Teams meeting, you'll need to include sound from your comuter. 

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