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Student IT Services FAQ

Wireless Printing - Uprint FAQ

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Uprint FAQ

1. What is Uprint?

2. How can I access Uprint?

3. Can I access Uprint off campus?

4. Can I print single-sided from Uprint?

5. Can I print multiple slides from Uprint?

6. Where can I release my print jobs?


What is Uprint?

Uprint is an enhancement to your UCC Student Print Service.  Now you can submit your print jobs from your own Internet connection, wherever that is, on campus WIfi, all campus networked computers, home, anywhere!  Upload your coucuments using uprint to your SIT print service account and print them off at any of the print release station on campus as you always did.

How can I access Uprint?

You can access Uprint by going to http://uprint.ucc.ie and logon with your Student IT Account

Can I access Uprint off campus?

Yes, you can access Uprint from anywhere there is an internet connection but the job will only stay in the queue for 6 hours so you need to print your document within that time.

Can I print single-sided from Uprint?

Yes.  To print single-sided click the "Advanced" box and select "None" when releasing your job.

Can I print multiples slides from Uprint?

You can print multiple slides from powerpoint by saving the file as a PDF, here are the steps to follow:

1. When saving your document in PowerPoint go to File and Save As:



2. Choose "PDF" as your "Save as type" and then click on "Options":



3. Select "Handouts" and click "OK"


Then save your file and upload this PDF file to print!

Where can I release my print jobs?

You can print the documents you upload to Uprint from any of the Open Access IT Centre printers on campus.  

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