IT Services for Students FAQ

IT Services for Students

The Computer Centre manages a number of open access computer rooms for use by registered UCC students

  1. Where are all the computers that I can use?
  2. How do I Log on?
  3. What do I do if I have a problem?
  4. How can I save my files?
  5. Can I use USB memory sticks/thumb drives etc?
  6. Are there any Computer Training Courses Available?


1 Where are all the computers that I can use?

The Computer Centre maintains almost 800 computers across UCC which are accessible to all students in UCC. For a list of locations go to the Open Hours and Locations page

Departmental Computers

Departments such as Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Engineering and others also maintain their own computer labs, bringing the number of student computers on campus to almost 2500. Access to these departmental labs is managed by the relevant department.

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2 How do I Log on?

  • When seated at a computer, press the keys "Ctrl", "Alt" down while pressing the "Delete" key.
  • This brings up the Log on dialogue box, type in your log in details
    • Username: Student ID number.
    • Password:Your Network Account password
      • You can obtain your Network Account Password from the IT Helpdesk in the Boole Basement on presentation of your Student ID card. The very first time you Log on to a computer, you will be asked to change the randomly generated password that you obtained from the IT Helpdesk to something that you yourself decide upon.

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3 What do I do if I have a problem?

The staff in the Computer Centre IT Helpdesk for Students are very approachable, and are there to help you. They will be identifiable by their maroon coloured t-shirts with "Computer Centre" written on them. They may not always know the answer straight away, but will always try to solve the problem.

Alternatively, you can email

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4 How can I save my files?

 UCC does not offer central storage to students view their Network Access Account login. However you do have the following options:

  • Upload files to your Umail using Google Docs
  • Attach a file to an email
  • Save your work on a USB memory stick 

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5 Can I use USB memory sticks/thumb drives etc.?

 Yes you can. We have installed USB extension cables to make this easier for you.

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6 Are there any Computer Training Courses Available?

Yes - but the courses available to you depend on whether or not you are an undergraduate student or a postgraduate student.


Online ECDL Training via Blackboard - Details on accessing this can be found here: ECDL Online Training

At the start of term there are a number of IT workshops held in the Boole basement. These workshops cover the basics of Word, using Blackboard, accessing your UCC email account etc. The sign up book for these courses in available in the Boole basement Helpdesk. Please note these course only run Septermber/October.


The training mentioned above are also available to postgraduate students. Fruther more postgraduates can attend class room training offered by the Computer Training Centre. Details of the Training Centre's Courses can be found on their website. Computer Training Centre Timetable

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Student IT Services

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