F-Secure Antivirus software

Under the UCC licence agreement Student's are entitled to a copy of F-Secure for their personal computer for use during their study in UCC.  Registered students can access this software through their Student Email Account.  Please follow the instructions below for downloading and installing.

F-Secure Antivirus Software

To Download F-Secure:

1. Click on this link: F-Secure Download

2. Use your email login username & password

3. The folder will open, Right click on F-Secure and select download

4. An error message will appear click "Download Anyway"

5. Once the file is downloaded open the folder containing the downloaded file.


To Install F-Secure:

1. Open the Windows folder as above

2. Click on fscs-12.00.648-exported

3. Click Next

4. Click Install

5. If prompted by a User Account Control screen, click Yes

6. Click OK

F-Secure will install in the background.



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