While you were sleeping...

15 Sep 2014

e.g. enhancements and changes to IT Services that happened over the summer that you might have missed. 

There have been a number of changes to IT Services over the summer. As we suspect that you were far too busy doing important things to notice we decided to recap them here:

Eduroam – World Wide Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi services is now based on Eduroam. Eduroam is a worldwide Wi-Fi network of sorts. UCC students have instant Wi-Fi access at other Eduroam affiliated institutions all over the world see: for more details.

Connecting to Eduroam

To connect you need your Student IT Account password – available from any IT Helpdesk.

And your user name, in this instance your username will be in the format, e.g.

Smartcard for printing

The UCC Smartcard Service was launched this summer.  This service is administered by the Smartcard Office, located in the Student Centre, and can be contacted at  

The UCC Smartcard Service is now the only way to pay for Student IT printing.   Any balance in your old Print Account can be transferred to your UCC Smartcard Service account and will be available to spend on printing.

Top-Up are now through – Under Card Management click go to access to the login page. Login using your Portal account details

Releasing Print Jobs

With the introduction of the UCC Smartcard Service there will be changes to how you release your print jobs in our Student IT Centres and Libraries.  You now insert your Student ID card into the card reader and select the jobs you wish to print.  Instructions on how to do is available on posters at the print stations. It is important to note that you will not be able to print without your Student ID Card.

Direct login

It is possible to login directly to Umail without going via the portal, as both Blackboard and Umail now use a new authentication methodology called Edugate. Blackboard was also updated over the summer, and is now more responsive and sleeker.  

Help and Support 

Somethings have not changed, if you need IT help please go to the Student IT Helpdesk in either the Boole Basement or Boole Library. Alternatively you can email us on

Student IT Services

Boole Basement, University College Cork, College Rd.