Changes to Student Printing June 9th 2014

23 May 2014

With the introduction of the Smartcard Service on June 9th there will be changes to how you pay for Student IT Printing and how you release your print jobs in the Student IT Centres and Libraries.  

The UCC Smartcard Service will be the only way to pay for Student IT Printing.  The current Print Account system will cease operation and the print release stations located next to the Student IT printers will be replaced with Student ID card readers.

Important Points:

1. Your Student ID card will be required to release print jobs

2. Top-Up through the Smartcard Office

3. Your current Print Balance will be transferred to your Student ID card

Distruption to Service 

There will be some disruption to printing services during this changeover.  There will be some printing downtime from 4th June - 9th June, more informaiton will be available approaching this date.

For more information on the UCC Smartcard Service please visit the Smartcard Website

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