Laptops Advice

As this year will have a large amount of blended learning, we would like to emphasise to all students purchasing new laptops that extra thought should be given on what type of device they will need for the coming term.
Please note these are recommendations and should be seen as guidelines only when purchasing a new laptop and that certain Schools/departments might have specific device requirements for your course.

Before purchasing a laptop for college you should consider the following:

  • What modules are you taking? Will statistics or data modeling be part of your course?
  • How will you use your device? Web browsing, email, office, or video editing?
  • Weight, you will be carrying the device between lectures.

Queries & Links

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Where can I get student discounts for laptops?

Visit here for details on deals for students with various suppliers:  

What software can I get as a student?  As a student, you will be able to download a number of software applications for your laptop for free, including Microsoft Office, SPSS, NVivo and Endnote for details visit here.  
What about remote learning? Visit here for what would be required for remote/blended learning.
Are there additional supports for students?  For information on additional supports: 



Chromebooks are normal laptops but instead of running Windows or Mac OS, they run ChromeOS, whcih is made by Google. It is a more basic operating systems but what it lacks in applications, it makes up for with speed and ease of use. They more heavily use cloud storage to store files and use online versions of Microsoft Office. Chromebooks are a good choice if you just need to use a web browser, email, access to Microsoft Office, and video chat.

It used be the case that they required an "always-on" internet connection, but you can now use the offline feature to allow you edit files at any time, which would be useful if you are not always in an area with a good or avilable Wi-Fi signal.


  • Speed: They feel fast thanks to the lightweight operating system
  • Easy to use: They're very easy to use due to their browser-based design 
  • Design and build - thin, lightweight and affordable.    


  • Software: you will have to find alternatives to some regular Windows software.
  • Internet access: they're less effective without an internet connection.  

Windows Laptops

Most standard windows devices are sufficient and if you are purchasing a Windows laptop, these are the minimum specifications you should consider:

  • i3 Processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 256GB SSD Hard Drive
  • 7 Hour battery life
  • 14 inch Screen

Apple MacBooks

Ma books can be purchased from Compub

Student IT Services

Boole Basement, University College Cork, College Rd.