Student IT Services FAQ

Student IT Services FAQ

Blackboard FAQ

  1. What is Blackboard used for?
  2. How do I access Blackboard?
  3. I forgot my password what do I do?
  4. What do I do if my modules are not listed on my course page?
  5. I'm having trouble accessing my Blackboard modules/content?
  6. I'm still having trouble with my account who do I contact for help?


1 What is Blackboard Used for?

Blackboard is an academic website used by many lecturers on campus as a communication tool for their courses.

  • Online Access to lecture notes
  • Online discussions
  • Assignment Submission

For a complete guide to using Blackboard click here.

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2 How do I Access Blackboard?

You must be a fully registered student to logon to blackboard.

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3 I forgot my password what should I do?

The Student IT Account  password is used for accessing Blackboard.

  • If you are a newly registered student, and you have yet to get your Student IT Account , it will be posted to your registered address.

If you have forgotten your Student IT Account  password, please vist Student IT  Password  page here 

  • This requires that you have a secondary email address set up. If you do not have a secondary email address set up and you cannot log into MyStudentAdmin in order to set it up, please contact us at

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4 Some of my modules are not listed?

Blackboard is automatically synced with your student registration, so if you cannot see all your modules on Blackboard, it means that either your lecturer has not enabled your module, or you are not fully registered for that module.

To see which modules you are registered for, visit and log onto MyStudentAdmin.

In all cases, please allow a day or so for your registration information to be reflected on Blackboard.

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5 I'm having trouble accessing my Blackboard modules/content?

The problem may be with your browser or plugins. You can use this browser checker: in order to make sure you have no blocked pop-ups, and that you have all the required plugins for full Blackboard accessibility.

You can also try running Blackboard in a different browser, for example Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

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6 I'm still having trouble with my account who do I contact?

If you are still having you can contact or

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