The most up-to-date list of publications is maintained on UCC's Research Information System. This site also includes links to freely-downloadable versions of the papers.

Selected recent peer-reviewed journal publications

  • Hanrahan, B. L.; Lightbody, G.; Staudt, L. & Leahy, P. G. (2014) A powerful visualization technique for electricity supply and demand at industrial sites with combined heat and power and wind generation. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 31, 860-869 [link to full text on CORA]
  • Mc Garrigle, E.; Deane, J. & Leahy, P. (2013) How much wind energy will be curtailed on the 2020 Irish electrical system? Renewable Energy 55, 544-553. doi:10.1016/j.renene.2013.01.013 ; [link to full text on CORA] .
  • Foley, A. M.; Ó Gallachóir, B. P.; Milborrow, D. J.; McKeogh, E. J. & Leahy, P. G. (2013) Addressing the Technical and Market Challenges to High Wind Power
    Integration in Ireland. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 19.
  • Leahy, P. & McKeogh, E. (2012, in press, available online) Persistence of low wind speed conditions and implications for wind power variability. Wind Energy doi: 10.1002/we.1509. [link to full text on CORA]
  • Fitzgerald, N., Lacal Arántegui, R., McKeogh, E., Leahy, P. (2012). A GIS-based model to calculate the potential for transforming conventional hydropower schemes and non-hydro reservoirs to pumped hydropower schemes. Energy 41(1): 483-490.
  • Leahy, P.G. and Foley, A.M. (2012) Wind generation output during cold weather-driven electricity demand peaks in Ireland. Energy 39(1):48-53.Lang, S. J. and McKeogh, E. J. Forecasting wind generation, uncertainty and reserve requirement on the Irish power system using an ensemble prediction system. In press (2009) at Wind Engineering.
  • Foley, A. M.; Leahy, P. G.; Marvuglia, A. & McKeogh, E. J. (2012) Current Methods and Advances in Forecasting of Wind Power Generation
    Renewable Energy 37, 1-8. [link to full text on CORA]
  • Lang, S. & McKeogh, E.(2011) LIDAR and SODAR Measurements of Wind Speed and Direction in Upland Terrain for Wind Energy Purposes. Remote Sensing, 3, 1871-1901.
  • Lang, S. J. & McKeogh, E. J.(2009) Forecasting Wind Generation, Uncertainty and Reserve Requirement on the Irish Power System using an Ensemble Prediction System. Wind Engineering, 33, 433-448
  • McKenna F., Ó Gallachóir B. P., McKeogh E. J., Lightbody G. & Daly R. (2006) Simulating Real Time Load Management to Maximise Wind Energy Supply within a Liberalised Electricity Market – Irish Case Study. International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy (IJETP) Special issue on: Electricity Power Systems Real Time Monitoring and Control 5 708-729.
  • Ó Gallachóir B. P., Gardner P., Snodin H. & McKeogh E. J. (2007) Wind Energy and System Security - The Grid Connection Moratorium in Ireland. International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy (IJETP) Special issue on: “Control and Protection of Distribution Systems with Distributed Generators. 5 633 - 647.
  • Bechrakis D. A. , E. J. McKeogh, Gallagher, P. D. (2006) Simulation and operational assessment for a small autonomous wind-hydrogen energy system, Energy Conversion & Management 47 46-59.
  • Bechrakis D. A. , Deane J. P., McKeogh E. J. (2006) Wind resource assessment of an area using short term data correlated to a long term data set, Solar Energy Vol. 76, No 6, pp. 725-732.

"Keeping the Lights On - Delivering a Reliable Electricity Supply with Renewables" , Dr. Paul Leahy, UCC Public Lecture Series , 27th February 2013.

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