Publications and Publicity

Publications and Publicity

Journal Papers

“Improving Building Performance by Tracking Performance Metrics Throughout the Building Life Cycle” Energy and Buildings Journal 36 (2004) pp1075 – 1090

Conference Papers

“The Specification of a Web Based Multimedia Information System for Building Appraisal” Presented at “The CIB W89 International Conference on Building Education and Research”, Atlanta, Georgia, May 16-18, 2000

“Specification of a STEP Compliant Integrated Environment to Support Performance Based Assessment and Control of Building Energy Systems” Presented at “The International Conference on Systems Simulation of Buildings SSB 2002”, Liege, Belgium, December 15-18, 2002.

Other Publications

“SEI HVAC Special Working Group Report 2007”. A recently completed publication on behalf of SEI. This report is the output of work led by Dominic O’ Sullivan and another energy consultant on behalf of SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) incorporating the experiences and opportunities of 14 large participating companies in the activities of the working group. Participating companies included the likes of Pfizer, Wyeth, EMC and Google.

“SEI Energy Efficient Design Guideline 2008”. One of three consultants involved in the development of this guideline, to advise companies on a methodology to design and deliver energy efficient processes and systems. Again this work was the output of an SEI driven Special Working Group (Energy Efficient Design)

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