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Nicholas E. Korres

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Senior Postdoctorate




Education: BSc in Agronomy & Crop Production (Technological Institute of Larisa, Greece), MSc in Crop Physiology (Reading University, UK) PhD in Weed Science and Population Dynamics (Reading University, UK), Postgraduate Diploma in Operational Research and Applied Statistics (University of Salford, UK).


Working experiences: Project manager NTC-Research (UK), Research fellow at the Greek National Agricultural Research Institute (GR), Research fellow at the Agricultural University of Athens (GR), Agri-business consultant (Lotus Consulting, GR). He has recently joined the Biofuels Research Group, Sustainable Energy Research Group, Environmental Research Institute, University College Cork as an


Member of Editorial Board: Journal of Agricultural Science


Reviewer: Weed Research, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Journal of International Agricultural Engineering-The CIGR e-Journal, Biological Agriculture & Horticulture, Acta Botanica Croatica, African Journal of Agricultural Research, Journal of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research.


Affiliations: European Plant Science Organization (EPSO), European Food Safety Association (EFSA), European Weed Research Society, Association of Applied Biologists, System Dynamics Society.






1) Korres N. E., Skarakis G. & Pavli O. (2008). Evaluation of Energy crops for their use in Greece and Southern Europe. On behalf of the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development (in Greek).


2) Korres N. E. (2006). Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Weed Science: Theory and Digest. Publishers: Lavoisier SAS (France), Intercept Ltd. (UK). British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data, ISBN 1-898298-99-8.


Selected per-reviewed papers


1) Korres N. E., Singh A., Nizami A. S. & Murphy J. D. (2009). Is grass biomethane the most sustainable indigenous European transport biofuel? Submitted in Renewable Energy.


2) Key issues in life cycle assessment of ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass: A review (2009). Singh A., Pant D., Korres N. E, Nizami A. S., Prasad S., Murphy J. D. Submitted in Bioresource Technology.


3) Nizami A., Korres N. E, Murphy J. D. (2009). A review of the integrated process for the production of grass biomethane. Submitted in Environmental Science and Technology.


4) Chachalis D., Korres N. E. & Khah E. M. (2008). Factors Affecting Seed Germination and Emergence of Venice Mallow (Hibiscus trionum). Weed Science 56:4, 509-515.


5) Korres N. E. & Froud-Williams R. J. (2004). The interrelationships of winter wheat cultivars, crop density and competition of naturally occurring weed flora. Biological Agriculture and Horticulture 22:1, 1-20.


6) Korres N. E., Froud-Williams R. J. & Moss S. (2003). Chlorophyll fluorescence technique as a rapid diagnostic test on the effects of photosynthetic inhibitor chlorotoluron on two winter wheat cultivars. Annals of Applied Biology 143, 53-56.


7) Korres N. E. & Froud-Williams R. J. (2002). Effects of winter wheat cultivars and seed rate on the biological characteristics of naturally occurring weed flora. Weed Research 42:6, 417-428.


8) Korres N. E. & Froud-Williams R. J. (2001). The effects of varietal selection, seed rate and weed competition on quantitative and qualitative traits of grain yield in winter wheat. Aspects of Applied Biology 64, Wheat Quality, 147-156.


Selected conference papers


1) Korres N. E., O’Brien C., Smyth B., Nizami A. S., Thamisirioj T., Schulte R., & Murphy J. D. (2009). A preliminary analysis of energy balance and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of biomethane production as a transport fuel from grass/silage. A case study for Ireland. Proceedings of the SETAC Europe 19th Annual Meeting. 31 May-4 June 2009, Goteborg, Sweden.


2) Murphy J. D., Smyth B., Nizami A. S., Thamsiriroj T., Singh A., Korres N. E. (2009). The potential for biomethane as a transport fuel in Ireland. In: Biofuels Directive to bio based Transport Systems in 2020, IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Subtask Policy and Implementation Workshop, Dresden, Germany, June 2-5, 2009


3) Korres N. E. & Skaracis G. N. (2008). System-thinking essence in decision-making procedures. A conceptual approach integrating weed population dynamics and possible economical outputs, 4th EPSO Conference ‘‘Plants for Life’’, Toulon (Cote d’ Azur), France, 22- 26 June 2008, 100.


4) Korres N. E. & Froud-Williams R. J. (2002). Effects of winter wheat cvs, crop density and weed competition on nitrogen uptake by weeds and crop. Proceedings of 12th European Weed Research Society Symposium, Wangeningen, The Netherlands, 35-36.


5) Korres N. E. & Froud-Williams R. J. (1999). Effects of cultivar and crop density on herbicide sensitivity of winter wheat. Proceedings of Brighton Crop Protection Conference- Weeds. Brighton, UK, Vol. 2, 583-584.


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