Student FAQs

Semesterisation - Student FAQs

Semesterisation - Student FAQs

Benefits at a glance

  • Early start – 7 September 2015 for most programmes
  • Early engagement with the subject
  • Distribution of student workload more balanced
  • Modules can be wholly taught and assessed in a single teaching period
  • Performance not dependent on a single month of the year
  • Exams divided (before Christmas and Summer)
  • Some modules fully completed in Semester 1
  • Assignments not in competition with study periods
  • Same amount of lecture time – 2 x 12 weeks
  • Internationalisation - facilitates more international and exchange student possibilities
  • Fewer Exams at Summer
  • Early Finish 6 May 2016 or sooner

I am a student. What is Semesterisation?

A semester-based system (semesterisation) is one where modules can be wholly taught and assessed in a single teaching period or semester.

Many UCC modules already worked in this way, Semesterisation just formalises existing practice. Just like the 'teaching periods' they replace, each semester consists of 12 teaching weeks followed by a study period preceding assessment of modules completed.

Semester 1  starts at the end of summer on 7 September 2015 for most courses (mid-August for some College of Medicine and Health students) and ends before Christmas.

Semester 2 starts in the middle of January and will wrap up by mid-May for most programmes.

For more about Semesterisation click here

When do I start back after the summer?

Week beginning 7 September 2015 for most programmes.

College of Medicine and Health students could start as early as 24 August 2015.

Contact your School/Department Office for your exact start date.

Where do I get my class timetable?

First year students will get a lecture timetable at orientation. This may be a preliminary timetable for the first week or so of your programme or the full timetable if it’s available. Your School/Department/lecturers will inform you of your full timetable or necessary changes to it during the year. Check your student email for such notifications.

Other years need to check your student email notifications. You can also check out UCC’s timetable webpage. Lecture times and venues can change throughout the year so remember to check with your School/Department for the most up to date timetable.

Where do I get my exam timetable?

Exam timetables are sent by Student Records and Examinations Office to your student email address. Details will also be on your student portal.

When do I have to hand in my assignments?

Details of module assessment can be found in the module descriptions for your programme in the UCC Book of Modules. You will be asked to hand in assignments throughout the year, the deadline for submissions is at the discretion of the programme director. Generally, no assignments should fall due during the study week prior to exams. 

When are my exams?

Not all modules will have formal written examinations. Many modules use other types of assessment.

Semester 1 Examinations (Pre Christmas)
You will sit the exams for modules taken during Semester 1 on the weeks beginning 7 December 2015 and 18 December 2015.

Semester 2 Examinations (Summer)
You will sit the exams for modules taken during Semester 2 on the weeks beginning 25 April 2016 and 6 May 2016. (Examinations will not be scheduled on bank holiday 2 May)

Spring examinations will take place for some modules with placements, where applicable these will usually occur in February/March.

Autumn Repeat Examinations will be held in the weeks begining 1 August 2016 and 12 August 2016. (Examinations will not be scheduled on bank holiday 1 August)

Will I get the results of my assignments before my exams?

In most cases lecturers will aim to return the results of the assignments completed before the end of semester examinations commence.

Remember that all results are provisional until confirmed by the University Examination Board (usually in the summer).

Most modules have examination or assessment before end of semester.


When do I get time to study?

You are expected to participate in lectures, projects, assignments etc from first entry to your chosen programme. As examination for modules will take place before the end of the relevant semester you are advised to start preparing for examination as soon as possible. 

Early engagement is paramount!

When will I get the marks from my first semester exams?

Provisional Semester 1 Module marks are issued on 7 February 2016. 

Your overall mark will be issued during the summer following Semester 2 exams.  When available, the dates of issue of the result for your course will be advertised on the Student Examination and Records Office Results webpage

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