Summary of Phases

Quick Reference Summary of Phases







Curriculum Review – 1st iteration.

MARCH 2013 to MAY 2013

(Module Mapping)


Each College will put in place an appropriate project management plan and team to facilitate and support the semesterisation project within the college.

All Schools/Departments will undertake an initial exercise to map existing modules to a semester(s).

This phase will provide an opportunity to identify modules that can be readily taught and assessed within the same semester as well as those that require more review and consideration.

Academic Colleagues will be issued with a formal guideline to support the activities of this phase.

A first iteration of semesterised modules.





Curriculum Review – 2nd iteration.

MAY 2013 to AUG 2013.

(subsequently changed to June 2013-end of September 2013)

(Programme Level Review)


Each College will undertake a review of the impact of semesterisation at a programme level.  This phase will involve consultation and engagement with programme coordinators and directors alongside administrative staff as appropriate. Amongst other things, this review will help inform how to balance the teaching and assessment across semesters of each programme.

This review will bring into sharper focus modules on certain programmes which cannot be semesterised.

Academic Colleagues will be issued with a formal guideline to support the activities of this phase.

A draft semesterised curriculum which will facilitate an analysis of how each academic programme will be delivered and assessed under semesterisation.





Curriculum Review – 3rd  iteration

AUG 2013 to Christmas 2013.

(subsequently changed to Oct 2013 to 13th Dec 2013)

(Finalise Programmes)


This phase will allow further review and refinement of changes at the programme level leading to a finalised curriculum for the 2014/15 academic year.

Academic Colleagues will be issued with a formal guideline to support the activities of this phase.

A semesterised curriculum for the 14/15 Academic Year will be finalised.





Rollout of Software System Changes

JAN 2014 to APR 2014


This phase will see the delivery of software changes to the student records systems that will be specified in parallel to phases 1, 2 & 3.

System testing will ensure that the changes delivered are of the requisite quality and are to specification.

One of the changes delivered will enable the semesterised 2014/15 curriculum to be uploaded to the student records system. This is an important activity as it directly impacts downstream student administration processes, including registration and examinations.


The 2014/15 curriculum will be uploaded to the student records system.



End to End Validation of Student Administration Processes.

APR 2014 to AUG 2014



This phase will stabilise the software system ahead of 2014/15 student registration.

Core elements of student lifecycle supported by the system will be validated. These will include admission, registration, examination and progression. 

A student records system that supports semesterisation.




AUG 2014 to AUG 2015


UCC students will register on programmes which will contain modules that are examined and delivered in the same semester.

To ensure a smooth transition, the performance of the system, the student and staff experience amongst other items will be routinely measured and assessed during the first year of operation. This will help identify further opportunities for improvement.


A Semesterised University