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The College of SEFS is a thriving dynamic College in which to carry out postgraduate research, towards either a Masters or PhD, or to undertake a taught Postgraduate Programme. The SEFS Graduate School was established in 2010/11, with the aim of supporting and developing postgraduate education in the College. The Graduate School works with the Departments, Schools and Research Institutes within SEFS and UCC, as well as UCC’s Dean of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Studies Office, the International Education Office and the Academic Council Graduate Studies Committee, to ensure that the College is a centre of excellence for postgraduate education and research training.

The College of SEFS currently has over 1000 postgraduate students, of many nationalities, which includes more than 580 PhD students.  In addition to carrying out a research thesis, research postgraduates can avail of an extensive range of modules, which incorporate research, generic and transferable skills development opportunities. A number of Structured PhD Programmes (and associated modules) are also available in the College. Furthermore, the College has a wide range of taught postgraduate programmes, including Higher Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters.

Academics and researchers in the College of SEFS have a strong track record of attracting prestigious research funding and are involved in international collaborations with colleagues throughout the world. The College also has strong links with industry and commerce through pioneering strategies for technology transfer and commercialisation of research. The staff in the College are closely linked with UCC’s world class research centres such as the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, the Analytical and Biological Chemistry Research Facility, the BioSciences Institute, the Boole Centre for Research in Informatics, the Cork Constraint Computation Centre, the Environmental Research Institute, and the Tyndall National Institute, and industry-focused research and training units such as the BioTransfer Unit and the Food Industry Training Unit. This makes the College an exciting environment for research and provides a vigorous and challenging academic atmosphere for our students.

Postgraduate research in SEFS is supported by a range of national and international funding bodies. Students interested in carrying out postgraduate research or studies should contact the prospective School, Department and/or Research Institute and the Principal Investigator(s) or Course Co-ordinators therein.

We hope that you find your postgraduate education in the College of SEFS as fulfilling as possible, that you will be equipped for careers in either academia or non-academia and that you will be proud to be a UCC postgraduate alumnus.

Justin V. McCarthy PhD

Head of Graduate School, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science


March 2017

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