Almost PhinisheD? A workshop for final-year PhD students

31 Jan 2013

A critical phase for PhD students and their supervisors comes when the time for submission of the thesis is within sight, and co-ordination and planning in the final 6-9 months is critical to ensure timely submission of a good thesis. To help students plan this phase, a workshop has been organised.

Tuesday 12th February 2013, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Brookfield BHSC 1.02

UCC PhD students can apply for a place online here

This workshop will cover topics such as the following:

  • Planning and structuring the thesis
  • Use of project management and planning tools to keep yourself on track
  • Handling feedback and revision
  • Key milestones and requirements to be completed before thesis submission
  • Registration and administrative issues associated with the final stages

This complements a workshop for PhD students who have submitted, or are about to submit, their thesis on handling the viva examination (The Survival Guide) which has been running annually since 2010.


Comments from PhD students who attended previously:


This is a great workshop and I found it extremely helpful and motivating

…. I did appreciate the two presenters who had recently submitted their theses for whom matters, which were not within their control, had not gone to plan.

The time-table of deadlines and procedures was very important as I did not have this information. I was also particularly interested in the online thesis repository.

All -there was a good mix of administrative and practical issues covered.

It is always very useful to know all the deadlines and the actual mechanisms for submission. The various tricks for organising time also were useful.

Practical regulations, student stories, what is expected of a PhD/viva really.

Organisation of work, Gantt charts, etc. Student experience 'trust you supervisors, when they say a chapter is ready, its ready', that statement has stuck with me.

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