College Executive Management Committee

College Executive Management Committee (CEMC) Membership

Chair: Prof Sarah Culloty - Head of College

Prof Cormac Sreenan - School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Prof Mairead Kiely - School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Prof Rosemary O'Connor - School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Dr Jorge Oliveira - School of Engineering

Prof Paul O'Toole - School of Microbiology

Prof Kevin Hayes - School of Mathematical Sciences

Prof John McInerney - Department of Physics

Prof Humphrey Moynihan - School of Chemistry

Prof Andrew Wheeler -  School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Justin McCarthy - Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, College of SEFS

Ms Kate O'Brien - College Manager

Ms Leonie O'Doherty - College Financial Analyst

Ms Helen O'Donoghue - Human Resources Partner


College Executive Management Committee (CEMC) Terms of Reference


1.         Terms of Reference:

 The role of the College Executive Management Committee (CEMC) shall be to advise and assist the Head of College in the leadership and management of the College.

2.         Membership:

2.1  The membership of the College Management Team is entirely ex officio:

Head of College, who acts as Chair

Vice Head(s) of College

Head of School - Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Head of School - Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Head of School - Chemistry

Head of School - Computer Science and Information Technology

Head of School - Engineering

Head of School - Food and Nutritional Sciences

Head of School - Mathematical Sciences

Head of School - Microbiology

Head of Department - Physics

Head of Graduate School

College Manager

College Financial Analyst

Human Resources Partner


2.2  Permission for occasional attendance by named alternates is permissible with the agreement of the Head of College

2.3  Members of the College or the wider University may be invited to attend for specific agenda items at meetings of the CEMC in order to provide advice and assistance.

3.         Function:

3.1          The primary areas of concern to the CEMC include:

                - Finance and physical resources

                - Human Resources

                - Teaching and Learning

                - Student support

                - Research

                - Graduate Education

                - External Affairs

3.2   It is the specific responsibility of the CEMC to advise and assist the Head of College in the fulfilment of the College Strategic Plan.


4.         Meetings, Quorum and Sub-Committees

4.1  Meetings of the CEMC shall be held at least once each month during term time.


4.2  To be quorate, the attendance must be 50% of full members + 1.


4.3  Each Committee established at College level reports in the first instance to the CEMC. The Committee list reporting to the CEMC include:

SEFS College Management Team

SEFS International Education Committee

SEFS Research Committee

SEFS Outreach Committee

SEFS Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Committee

SEFS Graduate Studies Committee

SEFS Academic Programmes and Curriculum Development Committee

SEFS College Sabbatical Research Leave Committee

SEFS Adjunct Appointments Committee


5.         Performance Evaluation

5.1  The CEMC shall, at least once a year, review its own performance and its terms of reference and shall report its conclusions and recommend any changes it considers necessary to the College Council.

6.         Reporting

6.1       The CEMC shall report formally to each meeting of the College Council.



Revision History

Last revised and approved at agreed CEMC meeting:        19 Sept 2019

Next review date:                                                           Sept 2021            

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