4. Selection Committee and Awards Ceremony


A Selection Committee (comprising a Chair, Vice Chair and six members) holds responsibility for evaluating nominations and determining the successful individual(s) or team(s) (as appropriate) for each award category in 2017.  

Membership of the 2017 Selection Committee

  • Chair:  Chair, Staff Development Committee (SDC) -  Dr Louise Crowley         

  • Vice Chair:  External Member of UCC Governing Body appointed by the President – Ms. Maureen Kennelly


  • President UCC Students’ Union or nominee – Martin Scally 

    SDC Member – Dr Eric Moore
  • Representative of UCC Inter-Union Group – Mr Gary Hurley
  • Member UCC Governing Body Committee on Staff – Sinead Hackett

  • Member UCC Governing Body Committee on Students – J.P. Quinn

  • Representative of UCC Department of Human Resources - Ms Sylvia Curran

    Each year the selection procedure is as follows:

    The Chair will convene the Selection Committee following the closing date for receipt of nominations.

    The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations and determine the successful individual(s) or team(s) (as appropriate) for each award category.

    Any Selection Committee member who accepts a nomination for an award will be required to withdraw from the Committee and a replacement must be designated by the SDC.  If an SDC member, who is also a member of the Selection Committee, nominates an individual/team, or provides a supporting letter, he/she will be required to withdraw from the Selection Committee.

    All awards are based on the merit of the nomination.  The Selection Committee may decide not to select any nominees, or to select fewer nominees than the number of awards available, in a particular award category/categories.  In that case, no award, or a reduced number of awards, will be presented for the particular category/categories.


    Awards Ceremony 2017

    The Awards Ceremony, hosted by the President, is an annual event.  The ceremony for the 2017 Awards Programme will take place on 5th October 2017.

    Any queries?   Email sdc@ucc.ie or contact Sylvia Curran at ext. 1814. 


    Updated: July 2017

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