4. Selection Committee and Awards Ceremony


A Selection Committee (comprising a Chair, Vice Chair and six members) holds responsibility for evaluating nominations and determining the successful individual(s) or team(s) (as appropriate) for each award category in 2022.  

Membership of the 2022 Selection Committee

  • ChairChair, Academic Council Staff Development Committee -  Prof. Louise Crowley
  • Vice Chair:  External Member of UCC Governing Body appointed by the President – Ms Margaret Lane


  • Academic Council Staff Development Committee Member – Dr Mark Jessop
  • Representative of UCC Inter-Union Group  - Ms Niamh O'Sullivan
  • President UCC Students’ Union  –Ms Asha Woodhouse
  • Representative of UCC Department of Human Resources – Dr Anne Gannon
  • Member of GB People Committee  - Professor Anita Maguire
  • Member of GB Student Experience Committee  - Mr Michael Delargey


Each year the selection procedure is as follows:

The Chair will convene the Selection Committee following the closing date for receipt of nominations.

The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations and determine the successful individual(s) or team(s) (as appropriate) for each award category.

Any Selection Committee member who accepts a nomination for an award will be required to withdraw from the Committee and a replacement must be designated by the SDC.  If an SDC member, who is also a member of the Selection Committee, nominates an individual/team, or provides a supporting letter, he/she will be required to withdraw from the Selection Committee.

All awards are based on the merit of the nomination.  The Selection Committee may decide not to select any nominees, or to select fewer nominees than the number of awards available, in a particular award category/categories.  In that case, no award, or a reduced number of awards, will be presented for the particular category/categories.






Membership of the 2022 Selection Committee

The Selection Committee shall comprise the following individuals: 

  1. Corporate Secretary (or nominee), as Chair
  2. Bursar/Chief Financial Officer (or nominee)
  3. The Chair of the Academic Council Staff Development Committee
  4. The Students’ Union President (or nominee)
  5. Two members external to the University drawn from the Boards of Directors of the campus companies listed at 1.i above
  6. Two Chairpersons of the Board of Directors of the campus companies listed at 1.i above
  7. Two of the individuals holding the post of Chief Executive Officer/General Manager or equivalent in the campus companies listed at 1.i above

Administrative support to the Committee shall be provided by the Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs.

The composition of the Committee shall endeavour to reflect the University’s commitment to principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Taken together, the representatives in respect of f, g and h above shall have no more than one individual drawn from each campus company and the representation and category within which each campus company is represented shall rotate annually.

 The Committee may meet in person, by remote means or in hybrid meeting format. The quorum for the conduct of business shall be five Committee members.

Committee members may not nominate individuals for Awards or provide letters of support in respect of a nominee. Committee members shall declare any conflict of interest arising in respect of nominees for category/categories of Award

The Committee reserves the right to not make an Award in all/any particular category in any given year.



Awards Ceremony 2022

The Awards Ceremony, hosted by the President, is an annual event.  The 2022 Awards Programme will be held in December.


Any queries?  

Email sdc@ucc.ie (University Staff Recognition Awards)

Email campuscoawards@ucc.ie (UCC Campus Companies Staff Recognition Awards)






Updated: September 2022


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