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Free Webinar: A Cross Functional Approach to Inventory Management

29 Jun 2012

What: A Cross Functional Approach to Inventory Management
When: 9.00am MST, 11.00am EST; 4.00pm BST
Date: June 29th, 2012
Where: Online, access details provided on registration


Everyone knows the proverb and everyone knows what happened for lack of a nail.  Small actions can result in huge consequences.
In this instance a kingdom was lost.  A universal paradox of inventory management is too little inventory can result in production losses, backorders, loss of customers and a myriad other consequences, none good.
On the other hand, too much inventory hampers cash flow, does not always fulfill a requirement, and inventory becomes aged and unusable or, worse, unsalable. In both cases inventory management, or lack of, can quickly become either a risk or an opportunity for any type of business.
With foresight, the rider would have a spare nail for his horse’s shoe and it is no coincidence that modern armies employ world -class supply chain techniques to avoid such calamity.  In our businesses we require similar foresight to anticipate optimum inventory requirements that minimize risk and maximize opportunities.
Since the dependencies on inventory in a company are many, a multi-functional approach to inventory management will consolidate demand, provide leveraging opportunities for purchasing, keep production moving, enhance quality, and result in improved customer service.


Ian Wilkinson

A long-standing member of the Institute of Supply Management, Ian has logged over 25 years in senior supply chain management around the globe.  In addition to working for Fortune 500 companies McGraw-Hill and Hasbro, he has worked in companies that have manufactured electronic equipment for gaming applications, lottery tickets, and games.  He has worked in FMCG environments, most recently for Dairygold, but also in breweries .  He has also worked in educational and medical institutions.
Noted for his trouble-shooting abilities, Ian’s specialty is devising and implementing multi-functional solutions to supply chain activities that are sustainable and provide win-win solutions to all stakeholders.  Above all, solutions must be simple and direct.


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