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Supply Chain Management encompasses all the activities associated with a given product, from the raw materials stage to the final consumer. Effective SCM requires a detailed understanding of processing issues, and also of supply chain structures, supply and demand variability, information systems, purchasing, production scheduling, inventory management, process design and customer services. The purpose of this programme is to provide personnel across a range of organisational functions with a holistic understanding of the dynamics of supply chains and to enhance their ability to continually improve supply chain performance. 

This programme runs over 2 academic years (September to April); students attain a Certificate after Year 1 or a Diploma after Year 2. The Certificate year (year 1 of the Diploma) includes a Lean SCM Green Belt modules. These modules are delivered in conjunction with the Leading Edge Group and accredited by the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Ireland (IIE).

This part-time diploma meets the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Level 7.

Programme Objectives

  • Provide a rigorous grounding in Supply Chain Management across the entire organisation.

  • Ensure that participants appreciate the fundamental concepts and principles of Supply Chain Management. 

  • Enable participants to apply the principles of SCM in their place of employment.

This programme is offered jointly by the following UCC Departments:

A Lean SCM Green Belt is offered in year 1 in conjunction with the Leading Edge Group and is accredited by the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Ireland (IIE).

Certificate Level (Year 1)

  • FE1808: Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Lean Thinking and Continuing Professional Development

    Objective: To equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan their future career and personal development and introduce them to the principles of supply chain management and lean thinking.

  • FE1809: Introducing Lean to the Supply Chain; Tools, Practices and Values Stream Mapping

    Objective: To consider the complexity of modern supply chains and how lean tools, practices and values stream mapping can be applied to improve performance.

  • FE1810: Introducing Enhancing Supply Chain Performance

    Objective: To apply key lean tools and techniques to supply chain processes and prepare a road map to lean implementation.

  • IS1813: Information Technology in Supply Chains

    Objective: Enhances understanding of the computer systems and applications that can be developed by organisations in order to better organise and coordinate activities in their supply chain.

  • MG1811: Inventory and Operations Management

    Objective: The objective of this unit is to provide students with the broad understanding of the different functions and elements that comprise an enterprise; and how these functions collaborate to manage their inventories and other resources.

  • FE1803: Purchasing, Negotiation and Supply Chain Design

    Objective: To highlight the role of purchasing, negotiation and relationship building along the supply chain.

Diploma Level (Year 2)

  • FE2805: Logistics and Supply Chain Design

    Objective: To develop the participant's critical understanding of the evolution of supply chain configurations and supply chain strategy.

  • FE2806: Project (Part 1)

    Objective: To present the procedures and methodologies for effective project management (to be later deployed in the course project).

  • AD2820: Leadership and Team Building

  • Objective: To familiarise the student with the importance of people management in the supply chain environment.

  • FE2807: Quantitative Methods for Supply Chain Managers

    Objective: To present methods and techniques utilised for supporting decision-making processes in supply chains and discuss their appropriateness in different situations.

  • FE2806: Project (Part 2)

    Objective: To improve some aspect of business performance by applying concepts learned during the Diploma.

Key Benefits

The programme aims to deliver an innovative and integrated teaching programme using established continuing education procedures. The programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide the following benefits to the participant and his/her organisation:

  • Improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enhance process design, customer services and information services.

  • Provide all organisational functions with acute awareness of costs and the ability to enhance value-adding activities.

Who Will Benefit from the Programme

The Diploma in SCM aims to support industry and career development in Supply Chain Management.  The programme appeals to a variety of people working in wide range of industries, such as: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and drinks, electronics, utilities, distribution and services.  Programme participants work in various functions including: procurement, logistics, production, planning, quality, accounts & finance.

Programme delivery is designed to facilitate individuals who wish to study on a part-time basis and to integrate their studies with their careers as well as incorporate their working experience into an accredited learning process.

The programme will maximise the participant's experience in the workplace by providing a structured approach to the key elements of supply chain management.

Applicants should be over 21 years of age at the time of enrolment and have at least three years industrial experience.

Programme Delivery & Timetables

Each module is delivered over a two-day seminar/workshop series (Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm) in UCC, complemented by a half-day (Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm) review session. Six modules are delivered in each year.

A blended learning approach incorporates classroom, workplace and on-line learning. Graduates have identified interaction among participants and learning from others from different backgrounds/experiences, in the classroom setting, as one of the primary benefits of the programme.

Provisional Timetables 2020/21

Diploma SCM Year 1 Provisional Timetable - 2020/21 

Diploma SCM Year 2 Provisional Timetable - 2020/21

Participant Companies

Below are companies who have participated in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management since its launch in 2003.

Participant Companies in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management


For further information, please download the Cert/Diploma in SCM Brochure.


The 2020/21 cost per participant was €3,500 per annum.  The cost is subject to change when the programme recommences.

(This cost includes registration, administration, course materials, online facilities, examinations, and light refreshments).

The fee is payable in two installments per annum - €1,750 on registration and €1,750 in January (Semester 2). 

For further information on the application process, please see the Adult Continuing Education website.

For students who have company sponsorship, you can download the following Company Sponsorship Form.


Tax Relief

This programme is included in the list of courses eligible for tax relief under Section 473A, Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997. Students should make their own enquiries from their relevant Income Tax Office.

Entry Requirements

Candidates wishing to be considered for entry to this programme will be at least 21 years of age by 1 January of the year of application, with a minimum of three years industry experience (as deemed appropriate by the Academic Programme Director). All applications are assessed on an individual basis to determine eligibility, where students have prior accredited learning and on this basis seek exemptions from specific modules such applications will, in the first instance, be considered by the Academic Director and are subject to final approval by the Adult Continuing Education Committee.

English Language Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English must have attained IELTS Level 6 or the equivalent TOEFL score.

As this is an applied programme, places are offered on the basis that the student is in a position to complete assignments based on practical experience in the workforce, past and present.

How To Apply

Online Applications: http://www.ucc.ie/en/ace-dscm/

Postal Applications: Please download the ACE Application Form and return directly to: Ms Aoife Sammon, Programme Administrator, Dept Food Business & Development, Room 2.37 O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork.

The previous Programme fee was €3,500 of which the first half of €1,750 was payable at time of application / registration.

For students who have company sponsorship, you can download the following Company Sponsorship Form.

For further information on payment options, please see: http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/ace/cost/


NOTE:  Applications will be assessed on a 'first come, first served' basis and eligible applicants will be offered places depending on availability. 

Please contact: scm@ucc.ie for further enquiries.

Contact Us

General Queries

Email: scm@ucc.ie

Academic Programme Director

Dr. Seamus O'Reilly
Department of Food Business & Development | Room 2.34 | O'Rahilly Building | University College Cork | Ireland. 
T: +353 21 490 2763 
E: s.oreilly@ucc.ie

Programme Administrator

Ms. Aoife Sammon
Department of Food Business & Development | Room 2.37 | O'Rahilly Building | University College Cork | Ireland. 
T: +353 21 490 1833
E: a.sammon@ucc.ie

Testimonials: Cert/Diploma in SCM

As an alumnus of UCC’s Certificate/Diploma in Supply Chain Management programme, I would like to wholeheartedly endorse this programme and would recommend it to any individual or company (of any size)with an interest in supply chain management and/or in lean manufacturing.

To be able to complete this programme part time  in a way that works with having a full time job and benefits both the person taking the course and the company they work for is an incredible achievement and all involved in the programme and UCC should be commended for it.

– Raymond Spillane (Senior Materials Planner), ON Semiconductor - SensL Division

"This is an excellent course with a great balance of theoretical and practical experience that familiarises you with the steps, costs, factors and drivers of Supply Chain Management. It also identifies why organisations implement Lean Thinking and provides an introduction to the lean tools and practices. This is a course that encourages and empowers people to implement the learnings from the class room, to allow you deliver improvements to your ‘customer’".

– Frank O’Donoghue (MRO Team Leader), Pfizer Ringaskiddy

“I have been offered 2 roles in the company since finishing the course, Production planner and Discipline planner but I have chosen to become involved with projects as I enjoy the hustle and bustle of dealing with the many different angles that projects bring, including technical expertise, relationship management & change management. I intentionally left time pass before sending in my testimonial, as doing a course doesn’t always bring immediate benefits and I wanted to see what, if any, benefits might accrue. Just under two years on I find myself now as part of the biggest change in planning to have occurred at Novartis Ringaskiddy since the company opened in Cork 1993. The project required 12 months of planning and preparation and has been adopted by Novartis Chem-Ops as the template for all planning systems and procedures worldwide.
I can honestly say that the supply chain management course afforded me the tools to be part and lead in the design and delivery of this major project. Without this course, I would not have been able to participate to the level that was required and for that I personally want to thank the team, including fellow students, UCC staff and professional experts that helped me along the way.”

– Seán Ryan (Class A Planning), Novartis Ltd.

“I have worked in Freight Forwarding for nearly ten years and recognise that huge changes are imminent in the industry due to the current economic climate and workforce globalisation. When taking on this course my goal was to learn new Supply Chain skills,  update my own skills and ensure that I would be in a good position for employment in the future. The first year in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management in UCC has benefited me in a number of ways. Firstly, the qualification for the Lean SCM Green Belt (IIE) was excellent as it showed me the tools of continuous improvement in order to make my business more competitive. I am about to start a new Supply Chain role and I believe the SCM Cert was the key to my success. The class is interactive and enables you to tap into, not only the resources of the lecturers, but also the knowledge of your classmates who come from all areas of the Supply Chain."

– Josephine O' Shea (Trade Compliance Analyst), DHL (EMC Cork)

“I have moved positions within PepsiCo from Materials/Production into Planning/Project work. This would not have been possible if I was not completing DSCM. I find the course structure to be very detailed and the use of work situations to provide practical examples to our learning is very valuable. The lectures are a good mix of theory and practical application with a lot of emphasis on getting us, the students, to actively participate in the theory of what we are learning.”

– Sean O’Sullivan (Supply Chain Projects), PepsiCo

"As part of the Lean SCM Green Belt modules I was a member of a Lake Region project team tasked with improving the efficiency of a cell within the guide wire area. By using the lean tools learned in the green belt module such as Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagram & Takt Time we achieved a 20% increase in productivity, reduced parts travel time by 40% and scrap by 50% - all within a six week timeframe. Overall, I found the course to be very practical and the learning designed in such a way that made it easy to apply in my workplace. The interaction with personnel from other companies/industries in the course is of great benefit where you can share experiences. I would certainly encourage anyone in any position who wishes to learn new skills to undertake this course."

– Seamus Hamilton (Senior Production Planner), Lake Region Medical

“With more than 10 years of experience in inventory management, the Certificate / Diploma in Supply Chain Management course has provided me with the essential skills to execute Lean Methodology within the extended supply chain. It has further enhanced my understanding of the extended supply chain and where, as a warehouse manger, I can contribute to providing customers with a service level beyond there expectations. On executing a Kaizen event within my company, management now understand what improvements (financially and process) can bring to the company. I would not have been able to take on such a task with out completing this course.”

– Dominic O’Sullivan (Warehouse Manager), Flextronics

"The diploma in SCM in UCC is an excellent course. My participation in the course has greatly benefited both myself & my company. The SCM course covers all the activities from raw material extraction through to consumption and as a result has enhanced my knowledge base greatly. The programme is structured and presented very well. There has been great interaction between students from various companies throughout the course, which has further enhanced my learning. The assignments throughout the course have helped me to make improvements to my place of work and my manager/colleagues have been really satisfied by them. I have received six sigma training from Pfizer because I have attended this course. I have been selected to lead project teams due to the knowledge I have learnt throughout the diploma in SCM. I have recommended this course to many of my colleagues and they have expressed a big interest in it."

– Declan Kennedy (Quality Analyst), Pfizer

"This course has helped broaden my skill set and improve my knowledge base across the entire supply chain in general. I believe the structure and content of each module provides detailed information, coupled with a good balance of both academic and industrial view points and experiences. It encourages group interaction and involvement through various break-out session. It has helped me gain a clear understanding as to the role of a supply chain both upstream and downstream, how they compete and have evolved over time, and what a Supply Chain Model may look like in the future."

– Jason Kelleher (Purchasing), PepsiCo

“In 2006 the furthest thoughts in my mind were the changes that have been made at AMS over the last two years. It is because of taking the decision to sit this course of learning that I have had the tools and confidence to complete my initial project, which has now rolled out to many other areas across the factory. Without this course in Supply Chain Management the positive changes that are now prevalent at AMS would simply not have happened.”

- Mark Walsh (Purchasing Manager), Architectural & Metal Systems Ltd.

"I would like to say that I have found this course very beneficial in my current role in Pfizer Cork Ltd. As the site is going through a major change process at present, being divested from the Pfizer Network, we are looking at ways we can make the site a profitable convern for any future buyer. Having completed the Lean SCM Green Belt, I am now one of the main supports for the new Lean strategy which is currently being implemented on site and I am actively leading and supporting a number of different projects on site. The course has given me the ability and process knowledge to be able to make a very positive contribution to this process. The other Certificate modules have given me a better understanding of our process as a whole and I feel this will enable me to make a much greater contribution to the future of the company."

– Richard O'Regan (Materials Planner), Pfizer Cork Ltd.

"When I registered for this programme I knew it would be a challenge but looked forward to learning and progressing in this area. I found the programme very useful in the workplace and towards the end of first year it helped me get a promotion.  I’d recommend the programme to anyone in industry who is interested in supply chain issues."

– Paul Ryan (Supply Chain Supervisor), Loughbeg API Plant, Pfizer

"I found the Certificate in Supply Chain Management to be very worthwhile in terms of content, delivery and relevance. The course material was very informative whilst also allowing course participants the opportunity to actively participate during sessions, which generated interesting discussion. Everything was outstanding, including the lecturers, facilities and fellow classmates who brought real life examples to the table. I believe that I obtained a good understanding of Supply Chain Management and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Certificate/Diploma in SCM to anyone interested in furthering their business education."

– Allan Connolly (Manufacturing Team Leader), DePuy

 “I would recommend this course as essential to understanding and developing skills in the Supply Chain of any company. The course provides a broad grounding in the skills necessary to be a competent supply chain manager. The style of learning is interactive between tutor and student leading to interesting debates, and positive critical analysis. The course gives a solid academic and practical grounding in modern supply chain initiatives. Personally I have developed and learnt new skills which will benefit me in my company.”

– Joe O Herlihy (Production Manager), JDS Foods Ltd.

"The idea of doing this course has without doubt, been of great benefit to both my company and myself. It has afforded me the opportunity to familiarise myself with some tools and concepts of Supply Chain Management that are ever present in my operation. I have, I think, adopted a much more thought out approach to problem solving as a result of the teachings of the Diploma in SCM. When I looked at it from a company point of view, I have had the chance to implement changes that have had a positive effect on my operation. This is purely as a direct result of what I have learned over the two years of this programme. I am very glad that I have been afforded the opportunity to develop my skills in this sector and work with people that are experts in their particular area of Supply Chain Management. I have learned by my classmates and, I believe this will have huge benefits to me both personally and professionally in years to come. The opportunity to look at all the principles of Supply Chain Management from so many different perspectives is too good an opportunity to turn down. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this course to anybody who is involved in supply chain systems or, like myself, has an interest in the basic workings of a Supply Chain Operation."

– Joe Cunningham (Distribution Team Member), Musgrave 

“As I have begun a career in working on Supply Chain projects it was essential for me to study in a programme along those lines to give me a better understanding of the subject. The first year in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management in UCC has benefited me in a number of ways. Firstly, the qualification for the Lean SCM Green Belt (IIE) was great as it gave me an understanding of the types of wastes and improvements businesses are addressing these days to make them more competitive. By doing the practical assignment in my own company, I was able to address certain issues in my department that I would never have thought of before and become more efficient. Secondly the other remaining modules have helped me to understand the concepts of Supply Chain Management and the systems that are used to deal with them. By doing the assignments for each module based on my work it helped me better understand the work that I am doing currently and be able to think of better solutions etc in my project work. Lastly, by interacting with the class which is made up of people from lots of different businesses, I got good insight into other companies supply chains and the issues they encounter. By listening to other peoples’ area of expertise I can use this info again to be more efficient in my area of work.”

– Shane Bolster (Supply Chain Analyst), Flextronics

“In my opinion the interactive nature of the Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Lean SCM Green Belt is what separates this course from other Supply Chain courses. It not only enables the students to upgrade their knowledge and skills by introducing them to the current Supply Chain tools like Lean / Agile etc. but it’s the way the content is delivered. There is an open environment where the students are encouraged to engage with the lecturers. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone working in a Supply Chain function.” 

– Henry Higgins (Buyer), Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals

“I found the course to be excellent and a great forum for anybody who has entered the work arena and gained a lot of work experience, but needs the necessary skills to enhance and develop the experience gained. The content and structure of the course was top class, it was a great environment to study in and it was a great opportunity to learn from other people doing the course. We had a very diverse group and it was great to hear how other people are coping and dealing with similar issues in their industry. Also, the opportunity to get a Green Belt Certification (IIE) is invaluable - in my own case it is fully recognised by the company and has given me the opportunity to move into a more project-orientated role within the materials group. I am now heading up 5 projects which have been identified as key to the development of the Schering Plough BRINNY Supply Chain.”

– Barry Condon (Master Scheduler), Schering Plough Ltd.

“The Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Lean SCM Green Belt gave me a valuable insight into current SCM practices. The Lean aspect, in particular, was practical and gave me the confidence to apply Lean Tools during our company’s Lean/Agile transformation. I would recommend this programme to anyone looking to access knowledge of current SCM/Logistics principles.”

– Colum Hegarty (Warehouse Leader), Pfizer

"All in all I found the course to be brilliant, I loved it! The course content was excellent and the student participation was extremely useful. I got away from the lab for two days a month where I could actually think about and focus on how to make improvements in my department and maybe beyond! I feel I have come away a much more highly motivated individual with a different perspective. I would highly recommend the course to interested parties, it does take considerable effort and discipline to complete but it is well worth it. It has also benefited me in my role as I have now been selected to attend IQP ( Innovation / Quality / Productivity ) training which encompasses a lot of the lean principles and involves taking on and implementing 1 Lean project in my department each year for the next 3 years."

– Douglas Keppel (Group Leader, Servcie Lab), Novartis International

“This diploma course delivered a substantial insight into all aspects of supply chain management, from leadership traits to lean & agile development. It was informative, practical and encouraged students to share experiences and opinions from their own supply chains. In all, it was a very worthwhile experience.”

– Vincent O’ Rourke (Materials and Compliance Support), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

 “I now approach work with an open mind and have begun to realise that there are other departments effected by what I do. It has helped give me an overall understanding of SCM within my company, the areas that need to be improved/ processes that can be leaned, and communication that needs to happen.”

– Rachel Foster, PepsiCo

“My interaction with people from different companies and different backgrounds lends me a degree of confidence which I would not have had previously. I have further developed my appreciation of different viewpoints and thinking and my ability to influence same. Overall, I feel my time spent studying SCM in UCC has enhanced my personal development as a manager within ESB."

– John Bracken, ESB

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