Lucy Kate Creedon, Puttnam Scholar

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I have just completed my Final Year of a Bachelor of Arts degree at UCC- I did a Major in English and a minor in the History of Art. I have always possessed a keen interest in both English literature and creative writing. However, it was not until college that this enthusiasm developed to include the visual arts via my History of Art modules, the film modules I selected as part of my English major, and my keen interest in photography.

Last December, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into UCC'S Puttnam Scholarship Programme 2018/2019. As one of six Puttnam Scholars, I have taken part in a series of sessions under the mentorship of Oscar-winning film producer, Lord David Puttnam. Each video conference session, as well as the face-to-face session we attended in Hayfield Manor, granted us with an opportunity delve into various aspects of film and the creative industry with Lord Puttnam himself. Some of the areas covered include directors and directing, documentary filmmaking, and music in film.

Lord Puttnam encouraged a great deal of feedback within the sessions. He tended to recount his experiences as a producer and resulting insights into the film industry to us via a combination of PowerPoint slides, video clips, and storytelling. He then invited each one of us to respond, thus creating a lively and stimulating atmosphere in which original ideas were exchanged and developed. As such, I am truly grateful to have taken part in enlightening conversations with Lord Puttnam on topics such as AI, climate change, the refugee crisis and social media. An activist as well as a creative, Puttnam is deeply engaged with and passionate about each one of these issues. For me, he embodies the productive relationship between the Arts, technology, politics and society.

We are currently in the midst of the second element of the scholarship, the filmmaking project. The six of us are working together as a team in order to produce a short film which deals with a question posed to us by Puttnam: where do we relocate our values in a secular Ireland? Myself, Oisín and Ben have collaborated on the script, and I am very excited to see the words that we have written take shape visually!

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