The Mansion House Fund Scholarships and Prizes in Irish and Irish History

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  • Value: €2,000;  €1,300
  • You must be a current Student to be eligible for this scholarship
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The Mansion House Fund, which is designed to promote ‘the study of Irish Language, Literature and History’, provides for the annual award of a Scholarship (€2,000) and a Prize (€1,300), in the subjects of Irish and Irish History as follows:

    1. Scoláireacht agus Duais Chiste Theach an Ardmhéara sa Ghaeilge / The Mansion House Fund Scholarship and Prize in Irish
    2. The Mansion House Fund Scholarship and Prize in Irish History

These awards are based on the final results of the examinations held in Irish and Irish History in the constituent universities as follows:

    • Irish (Modern, Early, Medieval and Classical, or any combination of these) for the BA (Hons) Degree and also, where applicable, for other degrees where Irish is a final year subject, such as the BCL European and BComm International/European.
    • Irish History for the BA (Hons) Degree.

An Extern Examiner, appointed by NUI, will determine the recipients of the Scholarships and the Prizes based on the written work of final year students achieving the highest marks in Irish and Irish History who have passed the honours bachelor degree examination as a whole.

Final year students of Irish or Irish History in each of the constituent universities will be eligible automatically for consideration for these Scholarships and Prizes.


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