About the Radiation Protection Office

A Brief History

The Radiation Protection Office (RPO) has been operating in University College Cork since 1978 when it was set up by then President, Donal McCarthy. Professor William Reville was College Radiation Protection Officer from 1978-2012, after this Dr. Andy Ruth was appointed his successor from 2012-2021. In 2021 Dr. Tom Dowdall was appointed as the Radiation Protection Officer for University College Cork.

The RPO was located in the Honan Biological Institute (Biology Building) on the main campus from 1978-2001. It was then located in the Lee Maltings Complex but has now rejoined main campus and is situated in the Kane Building.

From 1978-1993 the RPO dealt only with ionising radiation, but in 1993 its brief was extended to cover non-ionising radiation.


Radiation Protection Office

Kane Building 1.16B

University College Cork

College Road, Cork


Radiation Protection Officer

Dr Tom Dowdall

Department of Physics, Room 116B, Kane Building, University College Cork, College Road, Cork

Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Tel: +353(0)21 490 2624

Email: tdowdall@ucc.ie


Radiation Protection Office

An Oifig um Chosaint Radaíochta

Kane Building 1.16B, University College Cork, College Road, Cork