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Proposals Frequently Asked Questions




 I Can't Login - My Login Credentials Are Not Recognised.  What Can I Do?

IRIS Proposals can be accessed via IRIS using your IRIS username and password.  For account and support queries please email the IRIS Co-ordinator at

If you have an IRIS account and have forgotten your password, you can click on the “forgot my password” link, which will send you an email with your password.


Can I Access IRIS Proposals From Home?

Yes, as IRIS is a web based programme it is fully accessible off campus and worldwide. 


Must I Complete All Fields?

Yes. In order to submit your proposal, you are required to fill out the mandatory fields (each symbolised by a yellow field and an asterisk), as well as any other applicable fields.


Are There Any Character Limitations In The Proposal Title Field?

IRIS supports UTF8 character encoding which accepts all characters that are typed directly into the field. Characters that are copied and pasted across from other documents e.g. Word/Excel may not be accommodated by UTF8 

The dates you enter regarding the duration of your proposed project and your budget information are very important. You must verify dates because it is possible in the MM-DD-YYYY format to enter invalid dates, such as 06-30-0000. Double-check the entries.


How Important Is It To Enter Correct Dates  And Budget Information?

Should the duration of your project be 1 Year or less, you are required to enter 1 into the Number of Years field. By doing so, this will allow for your budget table to be populated.


Can I Copy And Paste Information From An MS Word Document?

Copying and pasting data into IRIS from MS Word may lead to errors unless the information is copied and pasted from a text editor such as "Notepad" which does not have proprietary fonts and/or special characters.


Do I Need To Complete The Research Outputs Section Of My Profile?

No, currently you may, but are not required to complete the research outputs section (publications, awards, patents etc.) of your IRIS profile prior to submission.  This information may be required if an award is made.


Are There Restrictions On The File Names For Any Attachment?

 Yes. Avoid using any special characters (example: %, /, #, -, &, *) in any file name. Do not include spaces in the file name. Also, keep the name of the attachment short.


What Type Of Attachments May Be Added To My Proposal?

 While using the compatible version of Adobe Reader, any type of file can be attached to your proposal.  IRIS Proposals does not restrict types of file attachments.


Can I Save My Proposal Before Submitting It?

Yes. The first page of the proposal form, with the exception of proposal abstract, must be filled in. After this point your proposal can be saved at any time. Thereafter, to complete the application you have already saved, go to the ‘My Proposals’ section in IRIS


Am Having Difficulty Submitting, Do You Have Any Suggestions?

If the system will not let you go to the next page, the system may have found an error in a required field (such as an invalid Character, skipped a field, etc.) You will not be allowed to continue until these errors have been corrected. If a mandatory field (indicated by an asterisk) is not filled in properly, the system will continually return you to the previous page.

If your computer freezes up and will not let you continue, the problem is most likely with your browser or your computer capacity. You may need to use a different computer.

If you are still having technical problems, please contact


How Do I Print All Of The Forms Within My Submission?

You may print all sections within your proposal, excluding attachments.  Once your proposal is visible under ‘My Proposals’, click on the Print button next to the title and it will be printed immediately.



How Can I Check A Submitted Proposal's Status?

You can check the status of your proposal(s) any time after submission, by logging into IRIS and clicking on the ‘My Proposals’ link on the left hand menu.


How Will I Know If My Proposal Has Been Approved/Rejected?


Once the Approver has received your submission, IRIS Proposals will send an email message to advise you of the progress of your proposal through the system.

You will receive one email.  This email will indicate whether your proposal has been approved, rejected or otherwise. 

Email spam guards put in place by your internet service provider may prevent you from receiving email notifications from IRIS Proposals. Check your spam guard settings and or junk email box to make sure that a notification was not blocked or sent to the incorrect folder.

If you do not receive an email confirmation or an approval/rejection email message within two days, please contact


 If, After Submitting I Realise That It Is Incomplete, Can I Withdraw And Submit A Revision?

No.  Following submission, an proposal cannot be withdrawn and modified for resubmission.  However should your submission be rejected, you will have an opportunity to correct any errors and resubmit.


What If The Closing Date For Submitting A Proposal To IRIS Proposals Has Passed?

In some instances closing dates for various programmes may be extended. Please refer to online closing date page for updates.


If I Cannot Acces The Internet, Can A Proposal Form Be Posted To Me?

No, you must complete an online application through IRIS. You will need a working email address to use this facility as all correspondence with regard to your application will be communicated to you by email.

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