Templates and Resources for Research Continuity

Updated September 2021

The following links are resources and templates for researchers to assist with drafting the necessary Covid-19 Response Plan documentation in line with research guidance at Research Business Continuity Supports  and the  institutional/Campus Business Continuity Team (CBCT) requirements, at Returning to Campus - Home (sharepoint.com).

Research Business Continuity Team (RBCT) Templates - updated 10th September 2021, and additional updates 17th November 2021 for international travel, as indicated below.

1. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Access to Research Facilities

2. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Research at InterfaceSociety-updated 17.11.21

3. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Volunteers on Campus

4. Volunteer Declaration (to be used where research volunteers come onto campus)

5.Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork-updated 17.11.21

6. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-General Travel for Research-update 17.11.21

For the most part prior approval for research is issued by the Head of School/RICU Director (or Head of Department/equivalent if appropriate), in a small number of cases further approval may be required from the Head of College, see Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes. In such instances the Head of School/RICU Director will need to issue a Letter of Assurance to the Head of College. The templates for such letters are provided below.

a.Template Letter of Assurance from Unit Head to College Head-General / Research Facilities

b. Template Letter Assurance fm Unit Head to College Head-InterfaceSociety17.11.21

c. Template Letter of Assurance Unit Head-College Head-Volunteers on Campus

d. Template Letter Assurance fm Unit Head to College Head-Fieldwork-travel17.11.21

e. Template Letter Assurance fm Unit Head to College Head-gen int. travel17.11.21

 Campus Business Continuity Team (CBCT) Returning to Campus Resources

  1. Resumption of Activities Procedure
  2. Lead Worker Representatives
  3. Covid-19 Infection Control Measures
  4. Covid-19 Risk Assessment Guide & Risk Assessment Template
  5. Preparing for and dealing with a suspected case of Covid 19
  6. Third Party Access - subcontractors & maintenance staff
  7. Covid-19 Induction Training
  8. Return to Work Form
  9. Building Plans
  10. Posters
  11. UCC Covid-19 Tracker and Day Pass APP
  12. Resumption of Activities Checklist
  13. Recording Daily Access to Facilities
  14. Facility Occupancy Log



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