Research Continuity Further Guidelines & Templates (for all Researchers)

The following links are guides and templates for researchers regarding the institutional, Campus Business Continuity Team (CBCT) & Research Continuity Team (RBCT) requirements to ensure research continues safely and in accordance with national guidelines: 

CBCT Returning to Campus: 

Further RBCT Guidelines 

  1. Travel Guidelines for Research-Related Activities 
  2. Implementation of Principles of Access for Desk-Based Research & Write Up Areas

RBCT Templates 

  1. Justification for Continuation of Essential Research in Level 5 2021
  2. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Access to UCC Research Facilities
  3. Template Covid-19 Response Plan- Research at Interface with Society
  4. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Volunteer Studies
  5. Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork
  6. Template-Letter of Assurance from Heads Schools-RICUs to Head of College-General 
  7. Template Letter Assurance-Local Hd to College-Research at Interface with Soc
  8. Template Letter of Assurance from Heads Schools-RICUs to Head of College – Volunteers on Campus
  9. Volunteer Declaration (to be used where research volunteers come onto Campus) 
  10. Template-Letter of Assurance Local Hd to College-Fieldwork

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