Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes


Update 18th Feb 2022 - updated to reflect current national, Public Health and Institutional guidance Latest Updates for Research Continuity | University College Cork (

The main current guidance for Researchers is:

The requirement to work from home unless it is necessary to attend the workplace in person has now ended - researchers can continue all research activities on campus and can resume/commence research studies, namely non human-based studies off campus (Fieldwork) or human-focused studies (Research at Interface with Society/Volunteers-on-Campus studies).


Prior approval for research activities is no longer a requirement by UCC Research Business Continuity - prior approval requirements to be decided upon at a local level, prior approval may be deemed necessary by local Heads (Schools/RICUs), and in some instances Heads of Colleges, for certain activities.



Reporting of access figures for research is no longer required, see Latest Updates for Research Continuity | University College Cork (

Feedback issues via Leadworker and/or to Head of Unit.

 Oversight will be maintained by reporting processes which involve the following:

  • University Management Team (UMT)
    • The Vice President for Research & Innovation (VPRI; Prof F. John Cryan) will update the UMT, if/as necessary, providing feedback on Research Continuity processes.
    • Heads of Colleges will continue to provide feedback to UMT, if/as necessary, regarding their respective areas.
  • Quality Control and Compliance Checks
    • Local Unitsmust, in line with their Covid-19 Response Plan, conduct regular quality control and compliance checks in their area.
  • Feedback to/from RBCT group
    • VPRI/RBCT Coordinator will continue to provide updates on research continuity/RBCT processes.
    • RBCT group disseminate updates to their respective research areas, as necessary.
    • Feedback on quality control and compliance checks from local units/areas.
    • Heads of College feedback on their College RBCT matters.
    • Units to feedback to the RBCT group on any issues/research continuity matters.
    • Contact RBCT Coordinator: Dr Irene Kavanagh, UCC Research, OVPRI; 



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