PIs & Managers

Guidance for PIs & Managers

PIs & managers should refer to the following guidance in conjunction with the information on this page:

While the Heads of Colleges and the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI) will have oversight over Research Continuity Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes, in practice, the principle of subsidiarity means that approval will be delegated for the most part to Heads of Units - Heads of Schools/RICUs, and where delegated Heads of Departments/or equivalent.

  • Research Managers/unit authorised persons must submit weekly access figures to the Research Business Continuity Team (RBCT) Coordinator (i.kavanagh@ucc.ie); copy to their Heads of School/RICU, or where delegated, Heads of Departments/equivalent.
  • Compile RBCT Documentation in accordance with guidance on the Research Business Continuity Supports webpage, Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Process guidance and the Campus Business Continuity Team (CBCT) guidelines (Returning to Campus).
  • Compiled Covid-19 Response Plan documentation must be submitted to the Head of School/RICU, or where delegated, to the Head of Department or equivalent, for prior approval.
  • Address any queries that the approving person (Head of Unit/College) may require in order to issue approval.
  • Authorised persons, for each unit, must, in accordance with their Covid-19 Response Plan, carry out regular quality control and compliance checks in their research area/unit.
  • Feedback any issues/queries to the Head of School/RICU, or where delegated, to the Head of Department or equivalent, who will inform the Research Business Continuity Team (RBCT) at their monthly meetings.
  • Ensure that all RBCT Documentation/communications are managed and stored in line with your agreed/approved unit’s processes for managing documentation (see Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes).



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