Guidelines for Travel for Research

General Guidance on Travel for Research


Covid-19 Response Plan Documentation -Travel for Research

UCC Researchers, should consult and comply with the Research Business Continuity Supports webpage, regarding studies that may require travel such as Fieldwork (Guidelines for Fieldwork) and human-focused studies (Guidelines for Human-Focused Research).

Preparing a COVID-19 Response Plan for Travel (domestic/international) for other research related activities (other than Fieldwork or human-based studies.

This plan must comply with and reference the following national/institutional guidelines:

The Covid-19 Response Plan for Travel, should include the following:

  • detail the nature, purpose of the travel/why it’s being undertaken
  • the name of researcher who is undertaking the travel
  • name of PI/supervisor
  • times, dates, location of travel
  • the local recording mechanism to facilitate contact tracing if needed
  • Covid-19 safety measures
  • processes to follow should the researcher display Covid-19 symptoms while travelling
  • For international travel details should be provided on the Covid-19 requirements relating to the country they are travelling to/from as detailed on this webpage.

In addition, a full Risk Assessment must be conducted for travel for UCC research related activities for both Covid-19 public health pandemic risks and for standard risks. Template to be found here.

A Letter of Assurance should also be prepared, and submitted by the Head of Unit, along with the Covid-19 Response Plan and Risk Assessment, if further approval by the Head of College is required for international travel, as per Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes. A Letter of Assurance can be drafted by adapting some of the Letter of Assurance Templates on the Templates and Resources for Research Continuity.

Domestic Travel

  •  UCC Researchers are required to comply with the national Work Safely Protocol and current national guidance on Domestic Travel which may be updated regularly. The latest Governmental updates on travel and travel restrictions across Ireland are available here .
  • UCC Researchers undertaking domestic travel for research activities must comply with these guidelines and seek prior approval by the relevant Head of Unit, as set out in the guidance on the Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Process webpage.
  • Currently, for work related activities you should travel on your own and avoid public transport wherever possible. Carpooling is not advised during the COVID-19 outbreak – see HSE Work-Related Travel Guidelines and national Work Safely Protocol

International Travel

  • UCC Researchers travelling abroad should avail and use the EU Digital Covid Certificate - the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) is proof (in digital or paper format) that you have either been vaccinated against COVID-19 or received a negative COVID-19 test result or recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months.
  • Travel insurance coverage is not straightforward and the state of flux in relation to international travel means that insurance coverage valid at the date of booking might not be the same at the scheduled date of travel – for further advice on travel insurance for research you should consult with the UCC Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs.
  • Visiting Researchers from abroad (and UCC Researchers returning from abroad) must comply with national measures/guidelines in place - Department of Foreign Affairs, see Guidance for Access to Research Facilities & Buildings for further information relating to international visiting researchers.


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