Guidelines for Fieldwork

General Guidelines for Fieldwork

Guidance on Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork

Use the Template for Covid-19 Response Plan – Fieldwork (accessed at  Templates and Resources for Research Continuity), to draft/update your response plan.

The Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork should detail the following:

  • Name & reference ID of study
  • Include the name/s and location/s of the investigational site/s.
  • The revision number of the Covid-19 Response Plan (ie Revision 1/2/3 etc.)
  • The name of the responsible UCC Dept/Research Unit
  • Name of the PI for the study.
  • The name, signature of the authorised approving person - Head of School/RICU, if applicable for studies where international travel is being undertaken.
  • The author/s of the Covid-19 Response Plan
  • Details of Covid-19 Response Team and Persons of Responsibility
  • Contents (list contents of the Covid-19 Response Plan, and associated documentation).
  • A Signed Safety Statement  from the -  Head of School/RICU/Department
  • A Policy Statement (see Template for Covid-19 Response Plan – Fieldwork, accessed at Templates and Resources for Research Continuity).

Key Associated Documents

Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork: Main Body (see the Template Covid-19 Response Plan-Fieldwork, accessed at Templates and Resources for Research Continuity, for additional guidance notes).

  • Overview of the Study
  • Covid-19 Measures - Researchers
  • Dealing with and Planning for a Suspected Case of COVID-19  
  • Study Procedures (Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs))


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