Guidelines for Fieldwork Research Activities

General Guidelines

  • Fieldwork - refers to fieldwork studies not involving human subjects.
  • Refer to the Template for Covid-19 Response Plan – Fieldwork (see Research Continuity Further Guidelines and Templates). 
  • Prior approval must be obtained before researchers can undertake fieldwork activities. 
  • All Fieldwork CRP Documentation requires approval, including any updates to a previously approved Covid-19 Response Plan (CRP) Documentation for Fieldwork. 
  • Approval must be obtained by submitting your documentation to the Head of School/RICU, or where delegated the Head of Department/equivalent. 
  • CRPs are living documents, therefore the Fieldwork Covid-19 Documentation and must be updated accordingly: changes to the CRP and Risk Assessment; changes to the investigational site (or adding a new one); change in research personnel. 
  • National Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions: 
  • National Covid-19 Level 1-5 (all) Restrictions:  
    • Where the approving person (Head of School/RICU, or where delegated Head of Department/equivalent) is directly involved in the Fieldwork study, approval is required from the Head of College. 
  • Travel

Guidelines for Covid-19 Response Plan (CRP) Documentation for Fieldwork

Use the Template for Covid-19 Response Plan – Fieldwork (accessed at Research Continuity Links Guidelines & Templates), to draft/update your response plan. 

The CRP Documentation for Fieldwork includes the CRP and Risk Assessment. 

Covid-19 Response Plan, which details  

  • A Statement of Assurance from the Head of School/RICU and during national Level 5 Restrictions (where required) a Letter of Assurance from the Head of School/RICU to the Head of College, a template for this Letter of Assurance can be accessed at Research Continuity Links Guidelines & Templates [insert link to page]). 
  • A Letter of Approval/Authorisation for Travel as/if required. 
  • A Policy Statement 
  • The investigational site 
  • Detail persons of responsibility for the Fieldwork Study 
  • Detail of researchers undertaking the Research 
  • Overview of the Study 
  • Reference to mandatory training (including Covid-19 Induction Training for researchers) and the mandatory Return to Work Form prior to undertaking the research. 
  • Covid-19 Infection Control Measures 
  • Relevant SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). 
  • A Risk Assessment accessed at Research Continuity Links Guidelines & Templates
  • Travel considerations if applicable 
    • Domestic Travel:
      • In drafting CRPs, researchers need to be aware of national guidelines for essential travel to work. Also see template for research involving participants accessed at , for domestic travel considerations to apply as appropriate when drafting the CRP.
      • Ensure a Travel to Work/Study Letter is available to the researcher undertaking domestic travel for work if/as required. 
    • International Travel: 
      • Prior approval by Head of School/RICU AND the Head of College is required.
      • In drafting the CRP, researchers must be cognisant of current governmental guidelines for essential international travel at
      • Also see Travel Guidelines for Researchers, accessed at 
      • A Letter of Assurance from Head of School/RICU to the Head of College is required along with the Covid-19 Response Plan and Risk Assessment. 
      • In drafting the Covid-19 Response Plan, researchers must be aware of the following: 
        • Local restrictions/guidelines in place at the destination they are travelling to at the time, and over the period of their stay.
        • Quarantine, Covid-19 testing and documentation requirements (including the researcher's return to Ireland).
        • Measures in place to address situations where a researcher may contract Covid-19 whilst abraod.
        • Insurance requirements.


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