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Processes to facilitate research activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic is under the remit of the Research Business Continuity Team (RBCT).

Research Continuity - Recent Updates

June 21 - Travel

Update May 21

  • While the government have announced that national restrictions are being eased from 10th May 2021 (see here), access to campus and research activities continues to be on a restricted basis. See for further institutional Covid-19 guidelines at this time.
  • All research activities must continue to be conducted remotely as much as possibleand all research activities (access to campus, fieldwork (non-human studies) and research involving participants - Research at Interface with Society, face-to-face contact and/or volunteers on Campus) must be essential and justifiable.
  • Prior approval for all research activities must be attained by Heads of Units - Heads of Schools/RICUs, and where delegated by the Heads of Departments/or equivalent. In some cases approval will be required by the Head of College. See further details regarding approval, including a flowchart, in Research Continuity Approval & Reporting Processes.
  • With the easing of restrictions nationally in May 21, researchers are not required to submit the additional Justification for Continuation of Essential Research during Level 5 Restrictions 2021 forms at this time (unless otherwise decreed by the College). This situation will be reviewed in line with the national situation/guidelines. Researchers should note however that all research activities must continue to have prior approval at this time - they must continue to submit and get approval for the relevant Covid-19 Response Plan Documentation see  .

Revised Approval Process for Research Continuity - April 21

  • As of April 2021, the RBCT have new/revised approval and reporting processes to allow for greater local flexibility, responsiveness, and responsibility for continuation of essential research, while maintaining necessary College and Institutional oversight.
  • While the Heads of College (HoC) and the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI) will have oversight over the RBCT Approval Process, in practice, and going forward, the principle of subsidiarity means that approval will be delegated, for the most part, to the Heads of Units - Heads of Schools/RICUs, and where delegated to the Heads of Departments/or equivalent.

Terms of reference

  • Researchers – refers to all research personnel: research postgraduates, medical researchers, post-doctoral researchers, research technical/support staff, research assistants, research managers, PIs/supervisors/mentors, research administrators, senior research/academic staff, Heads and management of Departments/Units/Schools/RICUs/College. 
  • Where research is deemed essential and justified, the following RBCT processes below will apply to all Researchers (as defined above) during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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