Research Business Continuity Supports

Following an Irish Government Directive, UCC campus was closed on the 12th March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has since released a roadmap to ease COVID-19 restrictions and reopen Ireland’s economy and society. A Research Business Continuity Team was established in UCC in April and has been working with the community to plan for the restarting the research activity on campus in line with national guidelines.

The team has provided the created the following documents to assist Heads of School and Directors of RICUs in reopening their facilities.

  1. Principles of Access
  2. Restricted Access Guidelines
  3. Restricted Access Guidelines Fieldwork
  4. Restricted Access Guidelines Research at Interface with Society
  5. Protocol for Third Party Access to UCC Facilities
  6. OCLA Risk Register Template
  7. Letter of Assurance Template
  8. Letter of Assurance Template (Fieldwork)
  9. Letter of Assurance Template (Research at Interface with Society)
  10. Sample Digital Sign-in Sheet for recording access to rooms

Please note that further documentation is being prepared by the Campus Business Continuity Team to ensure effective university wide delivery on national guidelines and requirements. This will be made available as soon as possible.

Research and Innovation

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