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About the Epigeum Research Integrity Course

The Research Integrity, Second Edition (Ireland) course is an online learning programme designed to support new researchers with good research conduct. Starting with an overview of key responsibilities in the first module, the course goes on to explore the fundamentals of planning, managing, recording and publishing research. The last module covers the wider responsibilities that researchers assume as they develop their careers, from taking on different roles to communicating their findings to the public.

This Irish version has been adapted from the UK version of the course. A small team of experts from the Irish higher education system have thoroughly edited and updated the content to align it with the context of the Irish higher education and research system. This includes adding references to Irish national policies and other relevant policies from European or international sources.

  • Although the main audience for the training is researchers who are starting off on their career, some of the modules in the course are very useful ‘refresher’ courses for experienced researchers.
  • Research Integrity, Second Edition consists of eight core modules and five specialist modules.
  • The National Research Integrity Forum recommends that that early-stage researchers should complete all eight core modules (as a minimum), and that experienced researchers should compete core modules 1 and 2 (as a minimum). 
  • A more comprehensive description of each module is available here, RI 2.0 Course outline.

Core modules


Module 1

Good Research Conduct

Module 2

Irresponsible Research Practices

Module 3

Planning Your Research

Module 4

Managing and Recording Your Research

Module 5

Data Selection, Analysis and Presentation

Module 6

Scholarly Publication

Module 7

Professional Responsibilities

Module 8

Communication, Social Responsibility and Impact

Specialist modules


Module 9

Conflicts of Interest

Module 10

Research Involving Human Participants

Module 11

The Care and Use of Animals in Research

Module 12

Intellectual Property

Module 13

Export Controls


What modules should I take?

  • Research Integrity 2.0 IRE -  as detailed above has 8 core modules and 5 specialist modules. See RI 2.0 Course outline.

The National Research Integrity Forum have made the following recommendations regarding this training:

  • Postgraduate students and early-career researchers: it is recommended that they undertake the 8 core modules.
  • Experienced researchers: it is recommended to take at least the first two core modules and specialist modules that are relevant to their research area. 
  • It is recommended that Research Integrity training should be undertaken/retaken at least once every three years.

How do I register?

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How do I access the course?

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