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Submission Guide/Checklist

Please Contact Research Support Services At Least 5 Working Days Before The Submission Deadline For Your Proposal



  • Deadline:
  • No. and type of copies of application:
  • Style of application:
  • Other?:

Programme Objectives
(from agencies perspective)





Research Areas/ Themes Eligible For Funding


Eligibility Of Researcher

  • Can you fund your own salary?:

Any Restrictions?

Ethical Considerations

  • Do you need ethical approval?

Evaluation Criteria



List out sections and requirements. (Checkmax. words each section)


Project Description

List out all elements that you should cover (Max words:)

  • Work plan
  • Gantt chart required?
  • Tabulated work plan with milestones and deliverables required?
  • Project management required? – diagram and brief text description
  • Justification of resources required? – need for personnel, consumables, equipment, travel etc.- how do these support the work


  • Max. budget: (per annum and overall):
  • No. of years funding offered:

List eligible costs:

  • What % overhead rate is eligible (varies between agencies): 

Note: Where overheads/indirect costs are an eligible cost, but the level is not specified, please refer to UCC Overhead Rate Guidelines (Section D) for the correct rate.


Grant writing article

Grant writing article

From Science magazine (2005)

The Art of Writing Proposals

The Art of Writing Proposals

Document providing advice for applicants to the US Social Science Research Council. This should be useful for those preparing funding applications in the social sciences.

The Art of Grantsmanship, By Jacob Kraicer

The Fundamentals of Grantsmanship, By Janet S. Rasey

Proposal Writer's Guide

Proposal Writer's Guide

By Don Thackrey (University of Michigan)

Proposal Writing Short Course

Proposal Writing Short Course

A useful step-by-step guide from the Foundation Center

Grant Tutorials

Grant tutorials

This information focuses on National Institutes of Health (NIH) programmes but it has useful general information

Funders Open Access Policies

Many funders of research both around the world and in Ireland have adopted open access policies to ensure that the results of publicly funded research are made freely available to the public. They require that publications arising from research which they have funded are made publicly accessible as soon as possible after publication.

This can be achieved in 2 ways, either by self-archiving in open access repositories such as CORA  or by publishing in open access journals.  Depositing to CORA is the preferred method for meeting most of these funder's requirements.

Funders of research in the Irish environment with open access policies include

The Sherpa Juliet database provides a summary of open access policies given by various research funders as part of their grant awards.

The anticipated costs of depositing research data may be included in a grant application. Consider including costs relating to the preparation of data for deposit and ingestion, data storage, ongoing digital preservation and curation after the project, etc.

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