Training videos

This series of short videos are designed to help you prepare your SREC application. Contact SREC: Double click on the video to expand to full screen or click the arrow in the video to open in Panopto. These videos should be viewed in conjunction with the most up-to-date SREC application form and the UCC Code of Research Conduct.

DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this video series is made available for general informational purposes and to provide support to the university research community with the social research ethics review process. The series is provided in good faith by SREC. While every effort has been made to provide accessible, good quality, and useful content, SREC does not provide warranties or guarantees about its accuracy and completeness. If there is a difference between content in these videos and updated UCC research policies, UCC's policies will take precedence over the content in these videos. 




Video 1

About the SREC committee 


Video 2

Learning from common SREC application issues 

Video 3

Virtual data collection platforms -VDCPs 


Video 4

Secondary research and archival research 

Video 5

Informed consent


Video 6

Research with vulnerable participants


Video 7

Advice for doctoral students and academic supervisors


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