Amendment Requests

How do I make an amendment to my previously approved SREC Application?

For minor changes/amendments to previously approved applications the Committee ask applicants to complete the attached SREC Ethics Amendment Request Form 2020 and submit it to srec@ucc.ie 

  • quoting the Application Log Number which you would have been given on receipt of your original application and including the words "Amendment Request" in the email subject line
  • briefly summarising the requested amendment in the body of the email
  • attaching a copy of their amendment request form and any supplementary documentation (saved as one document)

The amendment request will be logged and sent to the original reviewers and the Committee will work to get the requests through the system as quickly as possible.

Common Errors

What are the common errors made by applicants when completing the SREC Application form?

Applications are read by the SREC Coordinator prior to logging for review and if they are not completed correctly or completely they will be returned to the applicant. The idea is to have applications in the best possible shape prior to logging them and assigning to reviewers in the hope that the review process will proceed more smoothly. Below are some of the most common errors/omissions. 

  • Forgetting to complete the application checklist on page 1 and/or the Self Evaluation Checklist on page 3
  • Including 'interview questions' instead of Research Questions in answer to Q27
  • Not fully answering Q28 - eg not providing all required information such as, how participants will be recruited, inclusion/exclusion criteria etc. 
  • If excluding a certain cohort, for example under 18s, not showing how this will be done - for example a tickbox on the consent form
  • Failing to properly complete the declarations section on Q36 and/or forgetting to sign and/or obtain supervisors’ signature (if applicable) on the form (Q37)
  • Forgetting to include required supporting documentation such as data collection instrument (copies of questionnaires/interview questions as applicable), information sheet, consent forms, recruitment materials etc. which should be added to the end of the application form and scanned as one pdf
  • Not adequately addressing storage requirements on Q30 (see Electronic Data Storage Guidelines on the SREC form and also at this link Research Data Service: Storage & Backup During Research
  • Failing to proofread applications and supporting documentation prior to submitting
  • Different things being said in the application form than on the supporting documentation. Answers need to be consistent across all areas.

Data Storage

Where/How can I safely store my Research Data?

For information on research data storage please see Research Data Service: Storage & Backup During Research

Internet Research

Can I apply for ethical approval to conduct online research?

Please refer to Guidance Document for Conducting Research on Online Platforms for help and guidance on this topic

Survey Platforms

What Survey Platforms are approved for use by UCC researchers?

  1. The currently approved UCC survey platforms are MS forms and Google forms - information on this page Surveys
  2. Lime Survey - under review by UCC IT and currently not available for use
  3. Qualtrics - It may be possible to use Qualtrics if you have access via your School/Department

Survey Monkey is not currently an approved UCC survey platform

Vulnerable Persons

Where can I get guidance on conducting research with vulnerable populations?

For guidance around conducting research with Vulnerable persons please see Vulnerability Guidance Document

Research and Innovation

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