Application Form & Templates

Application Process

  1. Please read the updated UCC Code of Research Conduct before completing the SREC application form.
  2. Please email the completed SREC application form (see below) and associated documents as one pdf document to
  3. Please ensure that the application is signed by the applicant and, if under academic supervision, the supervisor(s) also. 
  4. Sample informed consent form / assent forms / information sheet templates are provided below (you are not obliged to use these templates).
  5. A pre-review process will be undertaken and incomplete applications will be returned to applicants.
  6. Applicants should ensure that they give themselves a good lead-in time in applying for ethical approval. Once applications are logged for review, applicants should expect to have feedback from SREC within 2 to 4 weeks, with a decision within 6 to 10 weeks. 
  7. For comprehensive advice on data collection, storage, and sharing, see page 6 of the SREC application form. See also our FAQ.
  8. Please note that due to a high workload, we are currently unable to provide a consultation and advice service. However, we have created a new SREC training series with essential information to help you develop your application: 1) common application errors, 2) virtual data collection platforms, 3) secondary research and archival research, 4) informed consent, 5) research with vulnerable participants, 6) advice for doctoral students and academic supervisors.

To help you submit an application that is properly completed and ready to be logged for review, please read and follow the guidelines in our Guidance Document for SREC Applicants 2021

SREC Application Form

Click here to download the SREC application form SREC Application Form 2021. Please ensure that you use the most up-to-date version as part of your application.

Sample Research Forms

 Sample research templates
1 Sample Interview Information Sheet and Consent Form (June 2021)
2 Sample Focus Group Information Sheet and Consent Form (June 2021)
3 Sample Survey Information Sheet and Consent Form (June 2021)
4 Sample Experiment Information Sheet and Consent Form (June 2021)
5 Sample Assent Form Children and Young People + Parental Consent Form (June 2021)

DISCLAIMER: The content provided in these sample templates are made available for general informational purposes and to provide support to the university research community with the social research ethics review process. The forms are provided in good faith by SREC. While every effort has been made to provide accessible, good quality, and useful content, SREC does not provide warranties or guarantees about accuracy and completeness. If there is a difference between content in these forms and updated UCC research policies, UCC's policies will take precedence. 

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