Major Research Strengths In UCC

UCC’s research priorities are grouped under five strategic thematic areas, as described in the University Strategy for Research and Innovation 2013 - 2016. The strategic thematic areas are supported by four Research Institutes, each a major centre of excellence established around a critical mass of research active staff:

  1. APC Microbiome Institute
  2. Environmental Research Institute (ERI)
  3. Tyndall National Institute (Tyndall)
  4.  Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st Century (ISS-21)

Each Institute has significant research strengths that are of national strategic importance and have been identified as critical for Ireland’s economic future.

  1. Biological and Medical Sciences

    1. Gut Health
    2. Cancer
    3. Epidemiology & Public Heath
    4. Women & Child Health
    5. Ageing
    6. Vascular Biology
    7. Pharmaceuticals/Biopharmaceuticals
    8. Biomedical Devices
    9. Cell Biology & Cell Signalling
    10. Environmental Microbial Genomics
    11. Food

  2. Earth, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences (including Energy)

    1. Ocean Energy
    2. Sustainable Energy
    3. Solar Cells
    4. Biodiversity, Ecotoxicology & Sustainability
    5. Environmental Chemistry
    6. Marine Science
    7. Forestry

  3. Physical Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics (including ICT)

    1. Nanoscience & Technology (Nanoelectronics)
    2. Microsystems for Energy, Health and the Environment
    3. Photonics (and Electronic Systems for Communications, Healthcare, Energy, and the Environment)
    4. Embedded Systems (including Circuit Design)
    5. High Performance Computing
    6. Artificial Intelligence
    7. Smart Buildings

  4. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

    1. New Poverties, Human Rights, and Social Justice*
    2. Digital Cultures
    3. Beyond Identities
    4. Creative Educations
    5. Environmental Citizenship, Ecological Politics and Global Justice*

  5. Business and Law

    1. Financial Services and Financial Mathematics
    2. Globalization, Regulation & Competitiveness, Governance & Accountability
    3. New Poverties, Human Rights, and Social Justice*
    4. Environmental Citizenship, Ecological Politics and Global Justice*
    5. e-Health, Connected Health

* Research priority that crosses 2 thematic areas

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