Medicine & Health

The College of Medicine and Health (M&H), comprising of 6 Schools and 14 Departments, has a student body of over 2400 undergraduate students and 457 postgraduate students taking either taught courses or research degrees.

The research strategy of the College of Medicine and Health is directed towards the maintenance of physical, mental, and social well-being in society. Research programmes are focused on the maintenance and restoration of health, through the prevention and treatment of illness. This research spans the causal factors of many illnesses through to their diagnosis, prophylaxis, treatment and cure.

M&H strategy is to integrate and build on our current research strengths in the following areas thereby ensuring that the major beneficiary is the patient:

  • Basic molecular and cellular research
  • Food and Health
  • Cancer biology
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Vascular Biology

The College is also building on emerging areas of research such as drug formulation/delivery, maternal and children’s health, neuroscience, nursing and midwifery, clinical therapies and dental health. Translational research, delivering positive patient benefit is a key driver of our strategy.

Research in the College is built on three pillars and is supported by UCC’s network of hospitals and associated research centres and institutes:

  • Basic Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Public Health Research

To that aim, the wide variety of research that is being conducted within the College and with our partners is themed and grouped into key diagnostic and therapeutic areas. Additionally, the Clinical Research Facility will facilitate interdisciplinary interactions and will link the patients, through their clinicians, directly back to multiple research, education and training programmes.

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