UCC Acknowledges the Appointment of Four Research Professors

26 Sep 2016
L-R: Dr Michael Murphy (President), Prof. Catherine Stanton, Prof. Ella Arensman, Prof. Patricia Kearney, Prof. Paul Hurley, Prof. Anita Maguire (Vice President for Research & Innovation)

In an event held on 26th October, UCC celebrated the appointment of four leading researchers to the position of Research Professor. Appointment to this position recognises acknowledged leadership in their research disciplines, as well as performing to the highest level internationally with regard to the delivery of research outputs.

Those recognised for this achievement were:

  1. Professor Catherine Stanton, Teagasc and the APC Microbiome Institute
  2. Professor Paul Hurley, Tyndall National Institute
  3. Professor Patricia Kearney, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health
  4. Professor Ella Arensman, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, and the National Suicide Research Foundation

Prof. Stanton’s appointment acknowledges her achievements in area of functional foods, in particular those based on milk and fermented dairy foods such as infant gut microbiota and probiotic cultures.

Professor Hurley’s appointment recognises his international leadership in the development of transistor switches, in particular their improved energy efficiency through use of alternative semiconducting materials, insulators and metals.

Professor Kearney’s appointment acknowledges her leadership and achievements in the areas of primary and secondary prevention of traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease, life-course epidemiology and clinical trials.

Professor Arensman appointment recognises her international leadership in a range of areas including risk and protective factors associated with suicide and deliberate self-harm, clustering and contagion of suicidal behaviour, and efficacy of intervention and prevention programmes addressing self-harm and suicide.

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