Ministers Bruton and English Announce €28 Million Science Foundation Ireland Investment in Research Equipment and Facilities

12 Jan 2016
Minister Richard Bruton Photo: Tom Burke

The Minister for Jobs, Richard Burton, TD together with the Minister for Research, Innovation and Skills, Damien English, TD today announced details of a €28 million investment in research equipment and facilities through Science Foundation Ireland.

A total of 21 exemplary research projects will be supported in sectors including applied geo-sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, bio-banking, marine renewable energy, internet of things, astronomy, big data and additive manufacturing using nano-materials.

The research projects benefiting from the investment cover a variety of subjects from geo-sciences to pharmaceutical banking manufacturing.  Projects were awarded investment following a competitive international review of research groups where they were asked to show what they required and why.

The funding will create research supports to enhance research and jobs in a variety of Research Centres and academic units in the University which include: the Infant Centre, the APC Microbiome Institute, the Tyndall National Institute, IPIC, the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre, the Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network, and the  Irish Atmospheric Simulation Chamber (IASC) Facility.

Professor Anita Maguire, Vice President for Research and Innovation at UCC says:

“We are delighted with the funding announced today as it provides us with the supports needed to take ideas and convert them into reality. Increased levels of collaboration between industry and academia have already delivered significant value to the Irish economy and initiatives like this help boost innovation through the transfer of technologies to companies.  Today’s announcement will also help make us more competitive when applying for research grants from Horizon2020 and other international sources of funding.”

This infrastructure funding was awarded competitively following rigorous international review to research groups where the research equipment and facilities are required to address major research opportunities and challenges; including partnerships with industry and /or international funders.  This new infrastructure will ensure that Irish researchers continue to be internationally competitive, with access to modern equipment and facilities which will enable them to be successful in securing future funding from leading companies and Europe, including Horizon 2020. 

This investment is made by the Department of Jobs through Science Foundation Ireland.  The 21 infrastructure projects funded were in a range of strategically important sectors.

List of SFI Research Infrastructure Awards

The Department says that the new investment will ensure Ireland remains competitive with other nations and help research groups secure future funding from companies and Europe, including Horizon 2020.

Speaking at the announcement  Minister Bruton said: “At the heart of our Action Plan for jobs is driving employment growth in every region of the country. We have now put in place individual jobs plans for 7 out of the 8 regions in the country, and what has repeatedly become clear is that research and innovation must be accelerated right across the country if we are to deliver the jobs growth we need. Today’s announcement by Science Foundation Ireland is an important part of this.  By investing in world-class R&D infrastructure, both at a regional and national level, this will ensure that we can compete at the highest levels internationally and continue to turn more good ideas into good jobs”.


Commenting on today’s announcements, Minister English said “Today’s investment will advance the implementation of the government’s new science strategy – Innovation 2020. The 21 projects will enable globally compelling research to be undertaken across the country; facilitating greater industry and international collaboration; supporting the training of researchers and demonstrating to an international audience that Ireland on an all island basis, is business friendly and bullish in its pursuit of, and participation in, excellent research.”

Prof Mark Ferguson, Director General Science Foundation Ireland and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland, added, “Ireland is increasingly becoming the location of choice for multinational companies to develop and test tomorrow’s technologies and this investment demonstrates our commitment and expanded ability to engage, discover and collaborate at all levels.  Science Foundation Ireland is delighted to support and drive Ireland’s science strategy, Innovation 2020, with the addition of key infrastructure to propel important research projects. Ultimately, this is about providing Irish researchers in strategic areas with the tools to be world leading.”

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