9 Fulbright Awardees from UCC to conduct research and teach in the USA

12 Jun 2018
2018-2019 Fulbright Awardees from UCC — Mr John Prendergast, Mr Shane O’Donnell, Ms Elaine Enright, Prof. Michel Schellekens, Ms Lisa Murphy, Dr Michelle Cronin, Dr Paul Bolger & Mr Patrick Egan (missing from the photo: Dr Laura Lovejoy)

UCC Staff and Students receive 9 Fulbright awards for Irish citizens to study, research or teach in the US, out of a total of 37 for whole of Ireland. 

On 11 June 2018, an Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Simon Coveney TD, and Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Ireland, Mr Reece Smyth, announced 37 Fulbright Irish Awardees for 2018-2019.

Established in 1957, the prestigious Fulbright Programme in Ireland annually awards grants for Irish citizens to study, research, or teach in the U.S. and for Americans to do the same in Ireland. This year students, academics and professionals from 13 HEIs in Ireland and Europe are heading to 33 leading U.S. institutions to study and collaborate with experts in their fields.

Nine of this year’s Fulbright recipients are from UCC:

Dr Paul Bolger: Fulbright-EPA Scholar from UCC to Colombia University 

Dr Paul Bolger is manager of the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration, and has worked across academia, industry and government in developing long term research solutions for global sustainability challenges. He is currently Principal Investigator on a number of research projects on climate change and the circular economy. Paul’s Fulbright scholarship will investigate how interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research is being utilised at sustainability research institutes at Duke University, Cornell University, Colombia University and Arizona State University to achieve more robust and sustainable research outcomes, and to examine the skills needed by researchers for successful transdisciplinary collaboration.

Dr Michelle Cronin: Fulbright-Marine Institute Irish Scholar from UCC to University of California Santa Cruz

Dr Michelle Cronin is a senior research fellow at the SFI centre MaREI at University College Cork. Dr Cronin leads the Marine Ecology Group which comprises of postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. The group conducts fundamental and applied research on key marine species across the food web from plankton to top predators, and have internationally recognised and nationally unique expertise in monitoring sensitive marine species, particularly higher predators such as seabirds and marine mammals and their interactions with human activities in the marine environment. As a Fulbright-Marine Institute Scholar, Michelle will undertake research into the feeding ecology of seals and their interactions with fisheries using Stable Isotope and biotelemetry data analyses at the Costa Lab at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Mr Patrick Egan: Fulbright-TechImpact Irish Scholar from UCC to the Library of Congress

Mr Patrick Egan is one of Ireland's leading tutors and performers of the concertina, and has represented Ireland on the world stage on numerous occasions. His academic interests centre on the benefits of exploring archives of cultural heritage, and in particular the transformational eras of the 1950s and 1960s. His experience extends through degrees in IT, Ethnomusicology and ten years working in the IT industry prior to completing an MPhil in Digital Humanities at Kings College London. Patrick is currently a final year PhD researcher in Digital Humanities and music at University College Cork. His research focuses on digital visualisation of music projects from the Seán Ó Riada Collection, and is co-funded by the Irish Research Council. As a Fulbright TechImpact Scholar, he will research collections of traditional Irish music located at the Library of Congress, to reveal hidden field recordings through digital visualisation and linked open data. 

Ms Elaine Enright: Fulbright Irish Student from UCC to Purdue University

Ms Elaine Enright is a pharmacist having completed a BPharm at University College Cork and an MPharm at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Currently, Elaine is an Irish Research Council PhD Scholar based at the APC Microbiome Institute, UCC. Her PhD research investigates the influence of gut bacteria (the microbiota) upon oral drug delivery and efficacy. As a Fulbright Student Awardee to Purdue University, Indiana, Ms Enright will investigate the impact of gut microbial bile acid metabolites on the solubility and absorption of oral dosage formulations.

Dr Laura Lovejoy: Fulbright-NUI Irish Scholar from UCC to New York University

Dr Laura Lovejoy is an Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellow in the School of English at University College Cork. As a Fulbright-NUI Scholar to the Department of English, New York University, she will research early twentieth-century literary representations of commercial sex, investigating how novelistic depictions of commercial sex intersect and diverge across geographical and cultural borders.

Ms Lisa Murphy: Fulbright Irish Student from UCC to University of Illinois, Chicago

Ms Lisa Murphy is a PhD Candidate at University College Cork. Lisa received her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology at UCC. Her current research focuses on the role of future-oriented thinking in health-related decision-making and behaviour. As a Fulbright student, Lisa will visit the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago to conduct research on the neural network that supports our ability to think about the future.

Mr Shane O’Donnell: Fulbright-Teagasc Irish Student from UCC to Harvard University

Mr Shane O’Donnell is pursuing a PhD in microbiology at University College Cork. He has previously received a BSc in Genetics at UCC. His current research focuses on the effect the genus Lactobacillus has on human health through its impact on the gut microbiota. As a Fulbright Student to Harvard University, he will conduct a trial analyzing the impact Lactobacillus casei has on the microbiome. Specifically he will look at the role of L. casei in ameliorating symptoms associated with IBS, utilizing a transgene mouse model capable of maintaining an ideal Omega3 Omega 6 ratio.

Mr John Prendergast: Fulbright FLTA from UCC to University of Notre Dame

Mr John Prendergast is from Trá Lí, Co. Chiarraí. John has spent the last two years as an Ireland Canada University Foundation Scholar, lecturing Irish language in Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to this, he was awarded a MA in Welsh and Celtic Studies from Cardiff University and was conferred with a BCL (Law and Irish) degree from University College Cork, attaining first-class honours in both. John’s research interests include linguistic justice and language rights. John has instructed Gaeilge courses at various different levels in Canada, Wales, the USA, and in Ireland. During his Fulbright FLTA Award he will teach the Irish language and take classes at the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Michel Schellekens: Fulbright Irish Scholar from UCC to Stanford University

Michel Schellekens (PhD CMU) is an associate professor at the department of Computer Science of University College Cork. As a Fulbright Scholar, he will undertake research into algorithmic design automation at Stanford in collaboration with Stanford’s Computer Science theory group (research host: Don Knuth). This work aims to lay groundwork for an ``expert-in-a-box” assisting with automated software development. Michel manages the Legacy Project ``Conversations on George Boole” (UCC Impact Award, 2016) including interviews with experts at Berkeley, MIT, Stanford and NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre on the legacy of George Boole, UCC’s first mathematics professor, inventor of Boolean Algebra. Michel directed the research center CEOL as a twofold SFI-PI (2003 - 2014). He is a DAAD and Marie Curie Fellow alumni and author of a Springer book on algorithm analysis. Michel is involved in the Irish storytelling tradition and promotes science to adults and children through storytelling.

Congratulations to all awardees from UCC Research Support Services!

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