Future & Emerging Technologies

The world is changing, and at UCC, it is certainly changing for the better. Our researchers are collaborating across disciplines to create a paradigm shift in technological innovations for the future. With synergistic partnerships between researchers from information and communication technology (ICT), physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental sciences and social sciences, we are delving into new and unknown territories, releasing untapped potential for future industrial strategy and competitiveness. Capabilities and possibilities are growing at an exponential rate, and UCC has the advantage of working very closely with industry along the entire innovation chain.

The Tyndall National Institute at UCC, for example, is working with industry to research the latest in microsystems and nanotechnologies, advanced materials, photonics and ICT, and to develop solutions and applications for health, communications, energy, agriculture, and the environment. In addition, the INSIGHT Centre for data analytics is helping to make decision-making more informative and accurate, with the potential to improve approaches in management, energy use, and advertising. Furthermore, UCC is committed to the use of technology-enhanced learning, and trains staff and students on the use of e-learning tools for both teaching and research.

In an increasingly competitive world where business sets the agenda, our researchers are ready to respond with the ultimate aim of converting ground-breaking research into exciting new applications, whether it be through advanced computing, robotics, green technologies or quantum technologies.

“The interface between fundamental research and future technologies and their application is a very rich and rewarding space. It provides the opportunity not just to address challenging research problems but also to develop solutions that can have real benefits across society – research excellence with impact!”

Professor Eoin O’Reilly, Department of Physics & Chief Scientist of Tyndall National Institute

Research and Innovation

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