Submission Guide / Checklist

Please Contact Research Support Services At Least 5 Working Days Before The Submission Deadline For Your Proposal



  • Deadline:
  • No. and type of copies of application:
  • Style of application:
  • Other?:

Programme Objectives
(from agencies perspective)





Research Areas/ Themes Eligible For Funding


Eligibility Of Researcher

  • Can you fund your own salary?:

Any Restrictions?

Ethical Considerations

  • Do you need ethical approval?

Evaluation Criteria



List out sections and requirements. (Checkmax. words each section)


Project Description

List out all elements that you should cover (Max words:)

  • Work plan
  • Gantt chart required?
  • Tabulated work plan with milestones and deliverables required?
  • Project management required? – diagram and brief text description
  • Justification of resources required? – need for personnel, consumables, equipment, travel etc.- how do these support the work


  • Max. budget: (per annum and overall):
  • No. of years funding offered:

List eligible costs:

  • What % overhead rate is eligible (varies between agencies): 

Note: Where overheads/indirect costs are an eligible cost, but the level is not specified, please refer to UCC Overhead Rate Guidelines (Section D) for the correct rate.

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