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Researcher Salary Scales effective 1 April 2017


The above scales apply to all new entrants to the public sector on/after 1st January 2011. The 2010 scales apply to all individuals employed in the public sector on 31st December 2010 and continuously thereafter. If a contractual break in service occurs on/after 1st January 2011, then the 2011 scales apply. A contractual break in service does not refer to any periods of approved unpaid leave nor to individuals rehired on annual seasonal contracts.

The Appendix A document has been phased out and replaced by IRIS Proposals  - a new online application that allows researchers to record, manage and track internal approval for their research funding proposals. The web-based form can be accessed by logging on to your IRIS profile.

For further information on IRIS Proposals, please go to the IRIS Proposals FAQ section of the website.

The development of a web-based Consultancy Declaration process, hosted by IRIS, is now available. Users can submit a return for any external consultancy or other remunerated activity undertaken during the academic year in one straightforward step to the Research office via IRIS.

Consultancy Request for Approval Form - Private Consultancy

Consultancy Request for Approval Form


Material Transfer Agreement              

Contact the Office of Technology Transfer at for a template Material Transfer Agreement.

IP Due Diligence Form              


To  be completed in respect of research grants received by UCC researchers and/or  in connection with Intellectual Property patent applications. Declarations of  information on research and other activities related to the field of the  research project or IP.


For more information, please contact the Office of Technology Transfer at

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA)

If you intend entering into discussions with external partners it may be appropriate to have the discussion covered by a CDA. Please contact the Office of Technology Transfer ( to develop a CDA appropriate to your needs.

Invention Disclosure Form              

Contact the Office of Technology Transfer at

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