Orthodoxy in Migration Network

This research network brings together scholars from various disciplines and countries working on Eastern Orthodoxy in the context of migration in Europe. The twentieth and twenty first centuries have witnessed the extensive and sustained migration of Orthodox believers from Eastern Europe to Western, Northern and Southern regions of the continent. On the back of these movements of Orthodox believers there has also been significant numbers of conversions to Orthodoxy sometimes resulting in the establishment new Western 'local brands' of Eastern Orthodoxy. And yet Orthodoxy, and most especially in its Western European context, has until very recently been a research blind-spot in the study of religions, anthropology and sociology of religion. This network was founded in the conviction that in terms of its size and institutional presence, geographical extent and social impact, Orthodoxy in the context of European migration is worthy of Europe-wide academic focus.

The network recently held a workshop at University College Cork entitled that was attended by four core members of the Network from Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland and Ireland.

The network is also chairing two panel sessions at the 2013 EASR conference in Liverpool. For details click .

Click on the names below for the contact details and research profiles of network members:

Maria Hämmerli (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Annika Hvithamar (University of Southern Denmark)

Suna Gülfer Ihlamur-Öner (Marmara University, Turkey)

James Kapalo (University College Cork)

Victor Roudometof (University of Cyprus)

Study of Religions Department

Staidéar Reiligiún

Room 3.37, T12 ND89