Faculty of India Study Centre Cork (ISCC)

Dr Lidia Guzy:

dr. lidia guzy

Dr Lidia Guzy is a social anthropologist and scholar of religions with an expertise in South Asia, Indigenous Studies, Museum Studies and marginalised and endangered cultures.

Professor Amajiva Lochan:

Associate Professor Dr Amarjiva Lochan was born in Gaya, the city associated with the Enlightenment of Buddha. He graduated from the University of Delhi, India and teaches there the History and Religions of India with special reference to the Indic elements in Southeast Asia. He is the Editor of two international journals (the SSEASR Journal and the Sanskrit Studies Journal, Bangkok), and keeps writing on the syncretic nature of the religions in Southeast Asia, the role of the Brahmin priests in Thailand(for which he has Ford scholarship), Hindu-Buddhist art and the changing faces of Buddhism. His publications include five books/monographs and 45 research articles. Dr Amarjiva has widely travelled for academic reasons both in the region and all over the globe. He is Visiting Professor at five places outside India besides being Board members of several religious studies centres in India and abroad. At present, he is the President  of the SSEASR (South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion).

Prof Amarjiva Lochan CV 

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